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talent pooling - the talentpuddle approach - mckinleyresource.com

Single page to explain why our approach works. - Increased Quality - Increased Speed - Proactive targeting of competitors and adjacent organisations - Reduction in recruitment spend and control of your candidate information.

Martin Dangerfield

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of talent pooling - the talentpuddle approach - mckinleyresource.com

talentpuddle - the future of talent acquistion If you continue to do what you do in recruitment you will continue to get the same results.

We have spoken to many organisations in many sectors and understand the challenges. In many cases we've experienced them ourselves as an external consultant or inhouse provider of recruitment services.

That is why we know we can help.

What we are offering a scalable, low risk option delivering a game changing, proactive recruitment service with immediate benefits. Something small to begin with

Our phased approach provides 6 month focus prior to moving on to the longer term. In our first 6 months we will deliver:-
The Talent Pool - the heart of our solution, the unique our competition won't be offering (more detail in this presentation)
Comprehensive candidate assessment and profiling - raising quality of hire
Deliverable branding plan, social media implementation supported by robust candidate management - engaging with candidates on an ongoing basis
Candidates - from the Talent Pool and for live roles

We believe this is a low risk option:-
We contractually commit to the delivery of the service with measurable KPI's
We will be sat in your business, you will see our progress and we offer complete transparency of the candidate data we collect. Through the talent pool you will see ALL the great candidates we talk to, not just those that we have given to you instead of your competitors
We can cap the scope of the work to enable you to buy into the process and see the results, before... Delivering something much larger The recruitment market has changed post recession and whilst there is debate as to whether the 'war for talent' exists or not, it is clear for organisations to succeed they need to change the way they attract, engage and manage talent acquisition.

We can make that change needed for your organisation having developed an innovative, creative approach with you at the centre of the service.

This presentation takes you through what we believe are some of the challenges faced by organisations and as you would expect how our solution will dramatically change the way you recruit good people to your business, reducing recruitment spend, improving candidate quality and reducing hiring times.

So... what are we actually saying... We will talk to your competitors, directly, every single day.
You won't be waiting for candidates to find you
You will get live competitor information from the horses mouth
It sends a message out, that you are serious about growth, you are successful and are actively looking for people - this will leak to your clients and they want to buy from successful organisations
We target likely sources of candidates, competitors and adjacent organisations Traditional recruitment just does not deliver. Traditional recruitment models, and traditional recruitment organisations, do not build speculative relationships with good people in case a opportunity arises; they are designed specifically for a transaction.

Think about it. How much have you paid to recruitment organisations for retained fees for candidates that did not start. If you see three strong candidates and like them all but can hire only one, that recruitment organisation will place them with your competitors and not engage with them until a more appropriate role appears.

We are relationship based not transaction based. This is the low risk approach.

We are going to deliver a service not a series of transactions. This means we are KPI driven, proactive and have a long term delivery based goal.

We are driven by success, the candidate experience and not the commission. We will build your brand, not ours.

Our sole focus will be you. By attracting candidates just for you means we can talk to any competitor, we have no conflicts of interest.

We will deliver the service onsite, providing transparency and access to all the candidate data we collect.

We can start immediately... It's proactive It's speculative Next Steps Our talent pooling solution is the only approach that will deliver you the people you need The solution scales...
It reduces recruitment spend...decreases speed to hire...increases candidate quality... How most organisations recruit:-
Identify need for role - internal sign off etc.
Approach one of x number of suppliers and demand CV's immediately
Interview 'Best' candidates from agencies
Employ one of the candidates or take a candidate from another source and pay the original agency for CV and interview
If you need another candidate for a similar role.... repeat...
Focus is on getting 'a body' in the role not the right candidate * * 'Best' on their books, best for them, or best they want to give you as they get a higher fee from your competitors. Our Approach: -
Identify need for role - internal sign off etc.
Review the talent pool of live candidates that have been assessed and interviewed solely for your organisation. You will be able to read their CV, their personality profile and any information we have collected
Interview and hire
If you need another candidate then go back to the pool Let's recap...

Talent pooling proactively delivers candidates. We don't need to wait for the role to be signed off. Instead we work in conjunction with your business plan and with your internal resourcing team if you have one.

We proactively engage with candidates working for your competition to attract them to your organisation. We then assess, interview and reference and create an ongoing relationship, bringing them in for social as well as formal interviews, gaining their loyalty.

We will only be doing this for you and not your competition, so no conflict of interest.

Over time, we will reduce your recruitment costs as you will recruit from 'the pool' rather than using one of your external transactional suppliers.

We help you recruit quicker as we have already done the assessment and interviewing. We know they are right for your organisation and when a new role is signed off, we already have candidates for the hiring manager to meet.

We will identify candidates for future roles, before you need them as we work, enabling us to deliver greater volumes of candidates. That and we can talk directly to more competitors than your current suppliers. We have no restrictions to the market place.

We are creative about how we engage, using 'true' marketing techniques to engage rather than relying on job boards and advertising.
t: +44161 955 3647
e: contact@mckinleyresource.com

@mckinleypeople www.mckinleyresource.com
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