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The Face on the Milk Carton

No description

Anastasia Messina

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of The Face on the Milk Carton

By: Anastasia, Allison
and Michelle.E




The Book
This book was written in 1990.
Later on series of books were created that continued Janie's story...
-What Ever Happened to Janie? (1993)
-The Voice on the Radio (1996)
-What Janie Found (2000)
-Janie Face to Face (2013)

Janie is a fifteen-year-old girl with wild, red curly hair. She is shy, lactose intolerant, and wishes she were named Jayyne Jonstone. She is a typical teenager with parents who love her but who are also very strict. She has very supportive friends but she isn't very appreciative of them and how they have helped her.
Reeve Shields
Mrs. and Mr.Johnson

Janie has a normal life, she goes to an ordinary high-school, she has a loving family, and great friends. It was just a normal day when Janie and her friends were eating in the cafeteria. They all looked at their milk cartons and saw that a new kidnapped girl was posted. It was a little girl wearing a dress and her name was Jennie Spring. Something stirred within Janie. At the end of the school day, Janie and her next door neighbour, Reeve, went for ice-cream. At the shoppe, she had a flash back of a woman that she didn’t seem to recognize. When she got home, she had another flash back of shopping with someone at the mall. She didn’t
talk about this with anyone except for Reeve.
The next day, Janie was talking with her friends about their driver’s licences and how you need a birth certificate for it. After school, she came home to an empty house and decided to look for her birth certificate, and instead of finding it, she found the dress from the milk carton, and things belonging to a girl named Hannah. When she got home the next day, her parents told her everything that they knew. Hannah was Janie’s biological mother, and Janie’s current mother and father were actually her grandparents. They had to protect Janie from the cult that Hannah was in, so they took Janie and had to constantly move to prevent the cult from finding her. When Reeve picked up Janie to go to school, Janie insisted on going to New Jersey where her real family was. They made their way to the house and she just stared at the people there thinking that she would have been part of that family. When they returned home, their parents were very disappointed
in them.
While going for a drive, Reeve revealed to Janie
that he told his sister Lizzie, a lawyer, about what had been happening. Janie and Reeve were very mad at each other and by the end of the ride they broke up. On the same day, Janie also lost her bestfriend, Sarah-Charlotte, because Janie was too concentrated on herself instead of others. A couple days later, Janie saw Reeve with another girl and this hurt her. During study hall, she ripped pages out of her notebook which had all of the things she would want to say to her real family. She sent it to the Springs. Later on, she reaches for the letter and realizes that she actually did send it to the Springs. The only problem was it had her return address on it...
= Close friend/Boyfriend
= Parents
= Friends
= Biological Family
= Biological Mother
Janie's Friends
Janie's Biological Family

Through out the book Janie's love for Reeve gradually increases (starting at chapter 4). Their love lasts untill they get into an argument on their way back from Vermont (chapter 16). When they broke up she couldn't stop thinking about him.


Janie has a biological mother,
who everyone thinks to be Hannah, and she has a biological father who is not know yet. She also has three younger brothers and all of her siblings have red hair just like her.
In the beginning of the book Janie doesn't want to accept the fact that she was kidnapped. She doesn't want to accept that she is Jennie Spring. She just wants her family in New Jersey to disappear, because she can't handle all the stress from this situation. (Chapter 1-9)
Janie is very selfish through out the book. She is always concentrated on her situation and New Jersey. When she is with Reeve she only talks about herself and her family in New Jersey. She never listens to his problems or stories, because it wasn't important to her. (chapter 3-16)
Hannah, has been kept a secret to Janie until one day she found a notebook that belonged to her in the attic. Hannah left her parents to go join a cult. Then one day returned with Janie, holding her hand she told them to take care of her. Hannah is said to be Janie's biological mother. Lizzie, Reeve and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson believe that Hannah kidnapped Janie while she was escaping from the cult when Janie was only three years old.
Janie vs her friends
When Janie finds out about the missing child on the milk carton she tells her friends and they are in disbelief. The result is that they no longer talk to her and they think she has gone to the extreme for popularity.
She is criticized by Reeve and her former friends about the face on the milk carton and she is left alone, thinking about what to say to her friends and how to get them back.
Janie is torn between whether or not she should get in contact with her family in New Jersey. She is also torn about how she up her real family for a sundae from a stranger.

Janie doesn't know if she should tell her parents, because she fears they were involved in the kidnapping. Janie writes her thoughts in her silver notebook, if she couldn't write in it; she ends up throwing nauseous. She resolves the conflict at the end of the book.
Reeve is seventeen years old and Janie's neighbor. He has his driving license and he often drives Janie to home or school. He doesn't have much interest in school and has two older sisters and one older brother and he hates how everybody compares him to his siblings. He becomes Janie's boyfriend and he tries to help manage her problem but sometimes it just doesn't turn out well.
Janie vs Janie
Sarah-Charlotte is Janie's bestfriend.
Like Janie, she loves talking on the phone and her line is often busy. She is interested in having a steady relationship with a boy who has to be tall, muscular, smart, courteous and rich. She supports Janie and expects Janie to tell her every little secret she has.
"The Face On The Milk Carton" was written by Caroline B. Cooney in 1990. When she was in LaGuardia Airport she saw homemade missing child posters with a picture of a little girl who was kidnapped 15 years ago. She felt sorry for the loss of that family and then thought how would anyone recognize a little 3 year old who was now 18. Then she had thought that there could be one person that would recognize the photo: the girl herself.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are Janie's parents. Both of them look a lot older than Janie's friends' parents. They are very caring parents and they love Janie very much. Mrs. Johnson always wants to know where Janie is. She never allowed to go anywhere alone. The problem is they care too much and they are super strict so they don't let Janie do almost anything.
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