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Heat Island Solutions!!!

By: Urvi, Ishani and Sehar!

Ishani Vyas

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Heat Island Solutions!!!

Introduction: Heat Solutions!!! By:Urvi, Ishani, and Sehar 7-8 This prezi presentation will give you a brief understanding about heat island solutions. It is really important to take care of our one and only planet so that our next generations can live in a pollution free environment. The heat solutions presented in this presentation are sure to benefit the globe in some way. Though, to make this change appear all human beings, everyone needs to contribute to saving our dieing planet. Keep in mind the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi,
"BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!" A "green roof" is basically the roof on top of a building where you grow a garden. This helps heat from not entering the building through the roof and this also creates a cooling affect for the structure. The plants absorb the heat and keep the air fresh, which creates more oxygen for us. 1.GREEN ROOFS: The term "roof sprinkler" means setting up a roof sprinkler on your roof. You might be wondering what this has to do with the heat island problem? Well, a sprinkler can wet the surface of the roof. Which can create a cooling effect when it all evaporates, similar to green roofs solution. 3.Roof Sprinklers! 4.Cool Pavements! 2.Plant Trees: Planting big trees like oak and maple can provide shade!
Remember: The bigger the tree the more oxygen and shade. The End!:) 5.Light Colored Structures! The cool pavement idea is basically the scientific fact that the suns rays are attracted to dark colors such as grey and black.You've probably heard kids say"I shouldn't have wore black today!"well now you know! Usually people who wear dark colors on hot sunny days tend to feel warmer than others. This fact also follows the reason why the dark tarmacs or pavement areas are very hot! If we have light colored pavements they would be able to reflect more sunlight off besides the dark colored ones. Light colored structures would also reflect off sunlight just like the cool pavements solution!Remember: The sun is always attracted to the dark colored object,structures etc. AWESOME!!!! 6.Renewable Energy Sources: The use of renewable energy sources is really important because non-renewable sources are harming the natural environment. More Solutions
Include: Turn of lights when not in use. Unplug any appliances when not in use. Walk to nearby places instead of driving your car.CARPOOL!!! Do physical education instead of sitting their watching T.V. Some Renewable Energy Sources: 1.Solar Energy
2.Wind Energy
3.Hydro Energy Why are Renewable energy sources so great? 1.They are ever lasting
2.They don't harm the natural environment
3.No energy is used to
produce it Thank-you for listening! We hope you learned a few ways we came up with to reduce the urban heat island problem we want you to use them in your everyday life and come up with your own, we hope you like our presentation!
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