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Robbert-Jan van der Burg

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of NWP

Concluding: not limited to these PMC's Flood risk management and the private sector of DKI Jakarta Robbert-Jan van der Burg
Anne Gierveld Introduction Table of content Market opportunities Implementation strategy Conclusion Questions & Discussion FRM and the private sector
Demand of the private sector
Market opportunities
Implementation strategy
Questions and discussion Identify short-medium term (1-10 year) market opportunities in the field of innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions in flood risk management for the Capital Region of Jakarta Aim of the research
Table of content Integrated urban development Landscape architecture and flood risk measures
Integrate design and flood protection
Water squares
Artificial ground water recharge
Floating construction techniques
Efficient use of retention area's
Flexbase of Dura Vermeer Information as input for design and engineering companies
urban plannings, water systems and cycles, flood protection
competitive advantage
subsequent steps in a chain
Decision support systems and flood forecasting
platform product ICT based products & services in flood risk management Aim of the research Bottum up & top down approach
Dutch branding -> focusing on triggers
Scenario workshops First step made by this research
More detailed research needed
Business developer
Smaller and larger companies have to collaborate -> CIWK
Business developer
Workshops and matchmaking Fast changing and developing delta metropolis prone to floods

Costs of floods
$400 million a year
87% private
Economic growth
Increasing industry
Townships Demand of the private sector Concluding: (increasing) demand private sector to invest in FRM Micro level: Individual industrial companies

Meso level: Small scale development projects

Macro level: Large scale development projects integrated solutions in flood risk management and urban development gathering and using information about environmental factors that influence the process of designing, engineering and controlling of a delta area Decentralized solutions
Contribute to investment triggers
increased land price
efficient use of land
Market opportunities illustrated by PMC's FRM and the private sector 75%-80% established in industrial estates

High concern
Insufficiently protected
Responsibility industrial estate Individual industrial companies What market opportunities in the field of innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions in water management exist in DKI Jakarta Concluding: low willingness to invest in FRM More wealthy private sector
Losses and damages
Decentralized solutions
Key target group 'large scale property developers'
industrial estates
township developers
Triggers to invest
Efficient use and higher land price
Two market opportunities
elaborated by PMC's
Turn of the Dutch water sector to capitalize opportunities
Cooperation smaller and larger companies
Business developer Thank you for the attention

More detailed information can be found in the report LSDP SCDP Flood risk assessments
'free from floods'
assess industrial estates/ townships
information needed as input Concluding: demand for basic solutions Concluding: High willingness to invest in FRM (target group) Focus industrial estates, residential areas and integrated townships

Aware causes and risks
Not aware possible solutions, innovations
Trigger to invest: higher land price and efficient land use
Flood free reputation really important Market opportunities for the Dutch water sector Focus on buildings/towers with purpose e.g. shopping malls

Aware causes and risks
basic solutions Township of 6000 ha
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