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Tim C Ryan S IBP Final

No description

Tim Clasquin

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Tim C Ryan S IBP Final

Ryan Steinseifer, Tim Clasquin
International Business Plan
Description of Organization
Focus efforts on helping third world countries
Buying agricultural goods and increasing cash flow in the economy
Sell these goods to large American Corporations for profit
Distribution center in Fort Lauderdale
Close to Caribbean, specifically Dominican Republic and Haiti
Central for further expansion into Africa and South America
Economies of Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Export Economy
Relies on tourism (approx $1 billion)
Agriculture is highest employing job
Market Economy
Mostly rely on subsistence farming
promise of trade with America will raise commercial farming
Inflation is extremely high in these countries
Makes American dollar worth much more
Leaves room for a higher profit margin
Governmental structure/stability and control on trade
Dominican government is Stable, but has a high rate of corruption.
Canada’s Free Trade agreement helps lower the risk of product loss due to corruption.
Trade Agreement also gets rid of tax on Imports/Exports
Haiti is very corrupt and unstable
Agricultural products will be shipped to Dominican Republic to minimize risk.

Why We Chose This Organization
We both have been to both Haiti and the Dominican Republic
The poverty both greatly effected us
Trade Regulations & Labor Laws
FDA Approval
Only company needs certification, not each import
FDA needs prior notice of more imports
Labor Laws
No laws in either of these countries
Geographic and Demographic Info
Both Haiti and Dominican Republic have year long growing seasons
Tropical climate
Haiti:10.32 million (unemployment: 40%)
DR: 10.09 million (unemployment: 13%)
Sales Strategy
One of the biggest sales is Kona coffee
Shows promise for Dominican Coffee
Sell other products such as vanilla, cocoa, etc.
Large company known throughout America
Healthier Products
None of these are chemically fed
Higher demand for healthier products
Trade Documents
Import/Export License
Governmental permission for trade
Made easier because of trade already existing with these countries
Certificate of Origin
Must be completely produced, obtained, manufactured, or processed in a specific country
Only one of these criteria must be met
Proposed Sales Strategy
The higher demand for an exotic product
Buying from third world countries
1 USD=46.65 Haitian Gourdes
1 USD=44.22 Dominican Pesos
Increase cash flow
Individuals begin spending money within their economy
More money sent towards taxes
Leads to schools, Hospitals, etc.
Transportation of Products
Cocoa and vanilla will be shipped from Haiti to The Dominican Republic
Coffee is grown mainly in Dominican Republic
Product will be shipped from the Dominican Republic to Florida
Amount of imported products will regulated to supply and demand
Price will be set 100% more than original purchase
Cover the cost of shipping and business expenses
Overall Expenses
Participation loan
Receive $27,000,000 in the first year
Will be enough to pay for expenses and still make a profit
Participation loan brings in multiple banks to divide the expense
less risk for all the banks
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