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Thesis Defense

No description

Jacqueline Moulen

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Thesis Defense

How do Organizations Offering Fair Trade Products in The Netherlands Generate Trust Among a Key Stakeholder - the Consumer? How Does Trust Affect the Stakeholder Relationship? (Robbert Kenner, Food Inc.) Literature Review 240 articles identified (116 used) via various scholarly sources. Analyses & Results Trust in the Labeling Organizations Methodology Organizations investigated;
Online questionnaire;
Variable constructs. Conclusions Addressed the issues raised by Blois (1999);
Clear definition of situational context;
Established different stakeholder identities;
Made a distinction between trust and reliance;
Made a distinction between trust and trustworthiness;
Different trust levels for the different organizations;

"The Way We Eat has Changed More in the Past 50 Years than in The Previous 10.000" Introduction Since 1988 professionalization of Fair Trade in the Netherlands and wider availability to general consumer public;
Changed organizational perception of relevant stakeholders;
Trust issue relevant in case of labeled items;
Fair Trade coffee sales 0,5% in 1980s 45% in 2010 of total Dutch coffee market (Ingenbleek & Reijnders, 2012) Trust in the Manufacturing Organizations Trust in the Retailers Conceptual framework developed to connect the different research streams. Hypothesis developed within the literature investigation. A Study of Consumer Perception of Organizations Offering Fair Trade Products in The Netherlands. Main Journals used:
Journal of Business Ethics;
Journal of Consumer Marketing;
Journal of Business Research;
Academy of Management Journal. Theoretical Development and Relation of Relevant Concepts Hypothesis Developed Within Literature Research CSR Fair Trade Publications in the web of science database from 1994-2013 Questionnaire Designs and Returned Surveys Organizations Investigated Labeling organizations
Retailers UTZ Certified Fairtrade Max Havelaar Level of Trust (1 = low, 7 = high) Comparing Trust between the Labeling Organizations 107 148 61 50 Milka Verkade Fairglobe Fin Carré 108 87 Comparing Trust between the Manufacturing Organizations Comparing Trust between the Retailers Level of Trust (1 = low, 7 = high) Level of Trust (1 = low, 7 = high) Lidl Albert Heijn 89 138 103 112 Variable Constructs Multiple Regression Analysis What matters to which stakeholders Strategic objectives regarding social matters Multiple Regression Analysis Multiple Regression Analysis What explains the differences:
No design which included AH without A-grade brand;
No experiment used;
Potential social bias;
Familiarity & Reputation could not be separated as constructs;
Study failed to consider other angles (economic/financial aspects).
Addressing the problem statement:
clearly identified stakeholder identities;
revealed different dimensions for the types of organizations in leveraging trust;
The credibility of labels construct was discovered
The assumption that labels in themselves are considered trustworthy was tested;
From the respondent comments it became evident that FT offers do not lead to increased trustworthiness and that the transparency about social activities of organizations should be higher and more concrete.
diff. between trust & reliance;
define situational context;
distinguish between trust and trustworthiness.
(Blois, 1999)
CSR: Trust: Stakeholder Theory:
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