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awesome ness

on 4 April 2013

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Ottawa Ghana I even found it on map for you guys 10 Reasons Abby Should Go to Africa This is Accra, where one of the seven airports is. I can't give an exact price for flights due to lack of date, but currently its around 1300$ per person from YOW to ACC. so reason #1: It's helping me learn responsibility. I took the time to find out exactly where Ottawa, Ghana and Accra were on a map. The organization is called Volunteering in Africa.
http://www.volunteeringinafrica.org/ghana.htm The cost of a 2 week trip is 477 USD per person, and it includes:
-2 bottles of water a day
-3 meals a day
-tourist options fri, sat and sun
Days are 2-8 hours and volunteers choose 3 or 7 days of work per week. I could work in an orphanage taking care of kids and helping teach them, or teach kids English alongside local teachers. Reason #2: There's so much I want to help these kids learn And reason #3: There's so much I have to learn from these kids Reason #4: It looks great on resumes ...and applications and I believe I would get volunteer hours from it. Obviously that's not what this is about, but it is a bonus. Reason #5: Cultural exposure I would be exposed to a new environment, new food and new people. Reason #6: Gratitude Appreciation, respect and gratitude are three important things in our house that I'm trying to learn. Seeing this will really help me understand how fortunate I am to have everything I have on a different level. Reason #7: I want to make a difference Reason #8: I'm committed to volunteering in Ghana To prove to you that I'm serious, I'm paying for myself, and getting a summer job in order to save up the $2000+ required. Reason #9: Reason #10: If all of that didn't convince you, Abby is pale, and would get tan after 2 weeks. in Ghana :P
But in all seriousness, once you guys check out the website and verify it, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference.
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