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2014 ACA Code of Ethics

Presentation offered to the staff at NEOBH to fulfill requirements of my practicum.

Luis Lacourt

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of 2014 ACA Code of Ethics

2014 ACA Code of Ethics
Exploring new territory
New Preamble
New section:
Distance Counseling. Social Media, and Technology
Additional details
Preamble (pg 3)
Core Values:
Life span Development
Honoring Diversity
Social Justice
Counselor Client Relationship
Competence & Ethics
Main Sections
at a Glance
Section A: The Counseling Relationship (p. 4)
Section B: Confidentiality and Privacy (p. 6)
Section C: Professional Responsibility (p. 8)
Section D: Relationships With Other Professionals (p. 10)
Section E: Evaluation, Assessment, and Interpretation (p. 11)
Section F: Supervision, Training, and Teaching (p. 12)
Section G: Research and Publication (p. 15)
Section H: Distance Counseling, Technology, and Social Media (p. 17)
Section I: Resolving Ethical Issues (p. 20)
Section H (p. 17)
Other Issues
C.6.e Contributing to the Public Good (p. 10)
C.7.b Development and Innovation
C.7.c Harmful practices
I.1.b Ethical Decision Making (p. 19)

Fundamental Principles of Ethical Behavior (p. 3)

Decision Making Models
Handout from R, R. C., & Claus, R. E. (2000)

ACA Resources:
the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics PDF

Phone Consult:
(800) 347 - 6647, ext. 314


Distance Counseling
Social Media
Values Within Termination and Referral (p. 6)
Confidentiality Regarding End-of-Life Decisions (p.7)
"End of Life Care" and permission to refer out in the case of conflicting values.

If you have a values conflict seek
supervision, or
We have a responsibility to offer competent counseling
Ward vs Eastern
Michigan University
Walden vs CDC's EAP

American Counseling Association (2014).
ACA Code of Ethics
. Alexandria, VA: Author.

American Counseling Association (2005).
ACA Code of Ethics
. Alexandria, VA: Author.

Francis, P. (2014).
The NEW 2014 Code of Ethics: An Overview.
Retrieved from

Cottone, R. R., & Claus, R. E. (2000). Ethical decision‐making models: A review of the

Journal of Counseling & Development, 78
(3), 275-283.

Luis E. Lacourt
Walden University
Full transcript