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Anne Frank - What's it all about?

Notes on Anne Frank to give you the jist ;)

Troy Gunderson

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Anne Frank - What's it all about?

Persecution of the Jews
1925 - 1939
1939 - 1945
Jews were denied every day things we take for granted.

Separate schools, benchs, waiting rooms, doctors.. everything!

They had to wear the Star of David.

German children (Hitler Youth) were taught to hate Jews.

Some Jews were summoned to work camps,
failure to attend was punished by death.
The Nazi death camps were set up and millions of
Jews were rounded up and sent there.

Jews were being killed at these death camps by
the millions.

This was Hitler's FINAL SOLUTION.
July 5, 1942: The Franks go into hiding, when Margot recieved a summons for deportation to a forced labor camp.
This is a picture of Anne and Margot.
Despite living with the fear of death,
Anne has a remarkably positive
outlook on life - a lesson we all need
to learn!
Anne Frank: 13 when she goes into hiding. Very
intelligent; wants to be a writer. Transforms into a
thoughtful, sensitive person by the time she's discovered.
Aged thirteen, the central character!
A lively, girl. She keeps the diary.
Otto Frank: Practical and kind; has a special connection
with Anne. Saves the best food for the children and
takes the smallest portion. Has a strong character.
Anne and Margot's Father. It is him re-reading
the diary that sparks the play
Edith Frank: Anne's mother; little closeness
with Anne as the two have a tumultuous relationship.
Anne and Margot's Mum, throughout the play she becomes the most depressed at the situation
Margot Frank: Anne's older sister and everyone's favorite. Margot receives little attention from Anne's Diary as they do not have a close relationship.
Anne's 'perfect' older sister
Anne is constantly asked to be
more like Margot.
Country Pre-War Post-War Survival
Poland 3,250,000 50,000 1.5%
Czech 315,000 44,000 14%
Yugoslavia 75,000 12,000 14%
Netherlands 140,000 20,000 15%
Russia 2,100,000 600,000 28%
The Diary of Anne Frank
Mr. vanDaan: Hides with the Franks. Temprementaland confrontational, especially with his wife.
Mrs. vanDaan: Hides with the Franks.
Friendly but an instigator. Complains
frequently about their situation.
Peter vanDaan: Teenage son to the VanDaan's. Anne thinks he's
obnoxious at first but later the two become close romantically.
Otto disagrees with this relationship and wants it to end.
Albert Dussel: Hides with the Franks.
Shares a room with Anne, has odd hygiene habits, a
nd is controling.
Bep Voskuijl: Serves as a liason to the outside world
for those in hiding.
Miep Gies: Otto's secretary. She hides
Anne's diary, unread, until the end of the
Mr. Kugler & Mr. Kleiman: Both help the Franks during their time in the annex.
Summer 1933: Anti-Jewish laws are established so
the Franks move to the Netherlands to
escape German persecution.
May 10, 1940: The Germans invaded the Netherlands.
June 12, 1942: Anne gets a diary for her 13th birthday
By November 1942, there are 8 people living and hiding in the annex.
August, 1944: The 8 residents of
the annex are betrayed and arrested.
Sept. 3, 1944: The 8 prisoners are loaded on cattle cars and sent to Auschwitz.
Jan.-March, 1945: Otto and Edith Frank
remain at Auschwitz while Anne and Margot
are transfered to Bergen-Belsen.
Summer 1947: The first 1,500 copies of Anne's diary are published in Amsterdam.
Not only is Anne cutoff from the rest
of the world for two years, she also feels isolated
from the very people she's hiding with.
Anne goes through all the typical trials of teen life, despite the fact that she is not living a normal life. She fights with her mother and sister, believes that nobody understands her, thinks that she is the one everybody picks on, fantasizes about boys she’s known in the past, and falls in love with somebody she should probably leave alone. She’s just like all of you, even if she is hiding from the Nazis during the years she is growing up
Anne’s entire diary is written during the time when her life was in constant danger. What’s amazing, though, is that she doesn’t dwell on this fact. All of the members of the Secret Annex live their lives as normally as possible. Anne is aware that she could die anytime. She expresses the desire to do something worthwhile in her life, and hopes to become immortalized through her writing.
Generostiy and Greed:
Some in the annex, like Mr. Dussel and Mrs. VanDaan, hoard things for themselves. Mr. Kraler and Miep risk their lives to help hide the eight people in the annex. While Mr. Dussel and Mrs. van Daan feel that greed is the only way to protect themselves from the horrors of war, these same circumstances of hardship inspire Anne to feel even more generous.
The most important theme in this story is Anne's positive outlook on life, despite being
surrounded by horrors. "It’s difficult in times like these: ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us, only to be crushed by grim reality. It’s a wonder I haven’t abandoned all my ideals, they seem so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart."
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