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By: Cody and Ben

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of By: Cody and Ben

Ben And Cody's epic leprechaun adventure
By: Cody and Ben
funny, generous,gregarious, powerful,magical
One morning Ben and Cody went darting out the door to play Hide and Seek.When Ben was hiding he found a leprechaun.Ben and Cody asked "what are you and what's your name?"The leprechaun replied"im a leprechaun of course and my name is Lepi."
After Ben found the leprechaun they kept playing Hide and Seek except now with the leprechaun. Then they had breakfast burritos and LEPI TURNED HIS TORTILLA GREEN!
They played there 3ds and raced on mario cart 7. Then they played cops and robbers. Cody and Ben were the robbers. Lepi was the cop.
When they were going to sleep Lepi told us the story of when he tried boxing a bunny but it wasn't pretty. that little brat escaped without saying goodbye. We hope we run into him again next year.
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