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No description

Hanna Paradis

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Fingerprints

Experimenting With Fingerprints
Look at the crime scene scenario you were given
Arch Fingerprints
Whorl Fingerprints
Is your fingerprint a loop?
Can you tell the difference?
Can you tell the difference of them all?
Loop Fingerprints
Are Fingerprints Inherited?
Pattern types are often genetically inherited, but the individual details of the fingerprint are what makes each unique.
What Do Fingerprints Do?
Help identify who you are
Do Identical Twins Have Identical Fingerprints?
Actually, they don't!
Identical twins don't have the same fingerprint, yet they have the same DNA.
feet and toes
Where Are Prints On The Human Body?
Cool Facts
Dogs can be identified by their nose
Fingerprints and Prints
Marks on a person's fingertips/palms, toes/feet, and tongue
Used to identify people

How Are Fingerprints Developed
Identify the type of fingerprint you think it is
Wait for further instructions
Pressure of Amniotic Fluid
Growth rate
Every factor makes each unique
Can identify your gender
Help you grip things
Palms and fingertips
Someone is very likely to get the same type of fingerprint as a parent
A fetus usually develops it's fingerprints from 6 -18 weeks
Works Cited
What Type of fingerprint this?
What type of fingerprint is it?
Whorl Fingerprint
What Type of Fingerprint Is It?
What Are the Types of Fingerprints?
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