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The Light Between Oceans

No description

Zulidey Maqueda

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of The Light Between Oceans

~ Zulidey Maqueda
Thomas Edward Sherbourne.
Born in Sydney, Australia. August, 1893.
Son of Edward and Eleanor Sherbourne. brother to Cecil Sherbourne.After his mother left he enlisted in the war.
He came back to Sydney when his time was up, and fell madly in love with Isabel. They got married right away.
He took the job as the lighthouse keeper in Janus.
His world flipped,when he was faced with a heart breaking decision.
The way in which he did everything was out of love.
He had to chose between right and wrong; two things that seemed oddly alike.
Isabel Graysmark, daughter of Bill and Violet Graysmark. Sister of Alfred and Hugh Graysmark.
She married Tom when she was nineteen; therefore she went to live at the lighthouse with him.
She had three miscarriages, and soon grew depressed.
When she found lucy on the shore she insisted they keep her, so they did.
When they found out Lucy's mother was still alive, she was not willing to give Lucy up.
When Lucy was taken away from her she saw no point in life, but soon stared getting back into her life.
She was diagnosed with cancer in her later years, and died in her dream.
Isabel never saw Lucy again, but she always had hope she would return.
Minor character
Lucy- Grace, is biological daughter of Hannah and frank.
She was found on the shore by Janus Rock and raised by the Sherbourne's
Lucy grew an inseparable bond with Isabel.
She was later taken away from her and given to her mother.
She only knew one family, and that was Tom and Isabel.
She was devastated when she was taken away.
She later moved to Perth with her mother; where they started a new life.
Lucy waited until she had mother's permission to visit the Sherbourne's
She joined the Air Force, married Henry Rtherford, then had a baby boy.
Minor character
Hannah Potts, daughter of Septimus, and Ellen Potts. Sister of Gwen Potts.
She married Frank Roennfeldt, low class with german decedent.
People tried killing them, so Frank set out to sea with their daughter.
She never heard of her family lost at sea, and grew crazy.
When she found out the Sherbourne's had taken her daughter she was mad.
In the end she decided to drop charges, and set them free.
After she got her daughter back, she took her to Perth;where they started a new life.
The Light Between Oceans
The main conflict was trying to convince Isabel to give Lucy back.
Another conflict was Hannah trying to get her daughter to love her; when her daughter did not know her.
The last conflict was within Tom; he had to decide to the right thing, knowing his decision would tear someone apart. One way or another someone was bound to getting hurt.
The climax was when Isabel came rushing into the police station, and ran out as soon as she saw Tom. Tom busted the pipe and followed her out. She fell into his arms sobbing, and did not know what to do. She asked for forgiveness, so he forgave her. Isabel told the police the true story. Explaining that she was the one that had stopped Tom from reporting the incident. She could not understand how Tom forgave her, after all she had put him through.
The theme in the book is, having to identify right from wrong ,and making the right decision, even if it devastates someone else
Bill and Violet Graysmark
After their two sons died they saw no hope in life. Lucy was their only hope, and they were devastated when she was taken away.
Henry Rutherford, Lucy- Grace's husband
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