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Media in the on-line age revision

No description

Stephen Ratcliffe-Jones

on 14 October 2011

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Transcript of Media in the on-line age revision

Media in the on-line age Advertising News Film www.comparethemeerkat.com http://www.facebook.com/AliceInWonderland CPM (Cost per Mille)
CPA (Cost per Action
CPC (Cost per Click Citizen Journalism ‘We need to find ways to develop content across platforms – what we’re calling 360 degree commissioning and production’ . Mark Thompson the Director General of the BBC in summer 2006 a streamed video report and interview
an audio report and podcast
a text and pictures report,
blog from a journalist with comments and extra input from users.
possibly citizen journalist input
text news to mobile phones
RSS feeds
the whole story will be archived with user access Ian Tomlinson A better way of conceiving [the internet] is as a public space where people want to pull content in to personalize it, identify with it, and share it. It is no secret that we're not yet sure how to monetize this practice, but efforts to stop it are like trying to build gigantic walls after planes were invented.”

Danah Boyd
Cannes Film Festival Opening Forum:
"Cinema: The Audiences of Tomorrow" May 16, 2007 TRANSLATION
(new incorporated in old practices) LOCALISATION
(new practices make things more efficient) CO-OPTION
(new ways of doing things emerge) Lauterborn (1993) 4C's Marketing Mix
Consumer wants and needs
Cost to satisfy
Convenience to buy
Communication Film Value Chain




Subscription TV

FTA TV $2,727,946,415 Digital
Bill Discuss the extent to which the distribution and consumption of the media have been transformed by the internet Critiques of CJ

Protectionist objection (journalism is a skill, not everybdy can be journalists)
Overbroad (too many social media sites are considered to be journalistic)
Narrow (not enough websites are taken into consideration
Redundancy (journalists are citizens, so CJ doesn't exist.
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