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New RA Strengths Intro 2013

Intro to Strengths Presentation for New Staff members - RA Training Fall 2013

Housing and Residence Life

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of New RA Strengths Intro 2013

New Adventures with Strengths:
Introduction to Strengths Finder

Natural recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behaviors that can be productively applied.
A “Diamond in the Rough” with great potential.
Even seemingly negative traits can be talents.
Talents underlie a lot of your decision making.
What exactly is a "Talent"?
with E.J. and Heather
The ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in a specific task or activity.
A diamond that has been polished & buffed to show its brilliance.
A combination of talents, knowledge, and skills (equation on the next slide!).
The goal is to practice using your talents with skills and knowledge to turn them into Strengths!
What is a "strength"
Strengths Quest Math 101
xInvestment (time with skills & knowledge)

The goal is to practice using your talents with skills and knowledge to turn them into Strengths!
Let's Look at an Example
Woo (one of Sarah’s Signature Themes)
Talent – enjoying making a connection with strangers
Knowledge – learning how to engage in conversations with others
Strength – ability to build a network of supporters who know you
Why are your Talents so Important?
Let’s look at another situation (salesperson):
Knowledge – learning how to describe your product’s features
Skill – learning how to ask the right open-ended questions of each prospect
Talent – pushing that prospect to commit at exactly the right moment and in exactly the right way (Command and Individualization)
Can learn knowledge and skills but learning talents are much more challenging
StrengthsFinder 2.0
An Online Assessment Tool
Top 5 "Signature" Themes
These 5 are your strongest, but not your only ones.
Helps you find areas where you have the greatest potential to develop strengths.
Helps you develop an action plan to use your strengths in your life.
Provides a common language to talk about Strengths.
Interpreting Your Results
Your themes are listed in strength order:
#1 is your strongest…
But #5 is still very strong (because there are 34)
You may discover other strengths that resonate with you…
Claim them as #6 and so on
Interpreting the Results ...
The results are Positive,
not negative.
The focus is on what you Have, NOT what you lack.
All Themes are Strengths.
No theme is better than another.
None are mutually exclusive.
Quick summary: Problem Solver
Fixing things that are broken
Bringing things back to life
Problems energize you
Ideas for action:
Tackle existing problems and anticipate future ones
Let other people solve their own problems
Don’t be afraid to let others know you enjoy fixing problems
Working with those who have this theme:
Ask this person for their observations when identifying a problem
When a situation needs immediate improvement, turn to them
Offer support when these individuals encounter a very tough problem
Quick summary: Accepting Others
Make people feel part of the group
Accepting and non-judgmental
No one should be ignored
Ideas for action:
Look for opportunities to bring people of diverse backgrounds together
Help new members get to know others in the group
If you have to bear bad news, look for partners who can help
Working with those who have this theme:
For group functions, ask this person to help make sure all are included
Ask this person to think about different constituents you are not reaching
Stay close to them in social situations if those situations make you uncomfortable
Scavenger Hunt!
Things to Remember
Appreciate the gifts you have been given.
Developing your Strengths is a lifelong adventure.
Talk with others about your Strengths (other RLCs, Dei and Morgan, and your staff)!
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