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Higher Education in Colorado: Our Challenges and Our Goals

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Isaac Oxom-Montenegro

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Higher Education in Colorado: Our Challenges and Our Goals

Higher Education in Colorado: Our Challenges and Our Goals
A Brief Overview
Colorado Commission on Higher Education
An 11-member, bipartisan council appointed by the governor, with at least one member from each Congressional district

Responsibilities include:
Institutional funding
Student financial aid
Long-range planning

Colorado’s Higher Education Challenges
Workforce needs – We won’t have enough educated
Coloradans to fill our state’s jobs in 2020.

Education pipeline – Fewer than 25 percent of Colorado
9th-graders earn a college degree.

Completion gaps – The fastest-growing segments of our population are least likely to earn a degree.

Shifting financial burden – The share of college costs paid by students has doubled in 10 years.

Challenge: Workforce Needs
For every 100 9th-graders in Colorado:
50 go to college
22 earn a college degree

Challenge: Education Pipeline
Challenge: Degree Completion
Gaps by Ethnicity
Challenge: The Shifting Burden
from State to Students
Median Colorado Earnings by Degree, 2008-10
Why Higher Education Matters
Higher education in Colorado supports …

97,563 jobs
, which contribute
$4.25 billion

in wages and
salaries, and
$387 million

in state and
local taxes

...to Colorado’s economy annually
Economic Impacts of our Campuses
Personal benefits
Earn more
Vote more
Have healthier lifestyles
Value education for children
Our Goals: Meeting the Challenges
Achieving our Goals: Focus on Performance

CCHE’s master plan sets four primary goals:
Increase degree attainment

by at least 1,000 credentials a year to meet workforce demands.
Improve student success

through better remedial education, enhanced support services and reduced average time to degree completion.
Reduce completion gaps

among students from underserved communities by enhancing access to, and through, postsecondary institutions.
Restore fiscal balance

by increasing state support of higher education while promoting affordability, accessibility and efficiency.

Where do we go from here?
We welcome your feedback!
Community benefits
Attract better jobs
Lower unemployment rates
Lower incarceration rates
Reduced health costs
Narrated by:
Isaac Oxom-Montenegro
Junior at UCD
International Studies and French Major
Likes long walks on the beach.
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