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Career Counseling

Community College

Erin O'Brien

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Career Counseling

Community College Student Facts & Statistics:

Enrollment at 2-year colleges is at an all time high.
About 70% of H.S. graduates attend college, with community college enrollment accounting for a majority of the increase.
There are several key reasons why students are enrolling at 2-year colleges, including:
-defraying the cost of higher education by attending a 2 year college
in preparation of attending a 4 year college
- development of career skills while unemployed
- improvement of job skills to retain employment
The majority of students entering community colleges are minority women, specifically Hispanic women.

Specific Population Needs:
Issues with childcare for students with children
higher population of students with disabilities
Flexibility issues with working Full-time or Part-time while attending classes.
Affordability issues (Pell Grants and federal aid necessary)
Issues of inadequate college preparatory experiences
Pre-registration counseling: students had more satisfaction with their initial program of study and withdrew at a lower rate than non-counseled groups.
Career Counselor's Role in the
Community College Setting:
Work with diverse student population with an age range of 16-60+.
Students may be taking a specific course for enrichment, or starting a new degree program.
Most of the students seen by career counselors in community college settings are "self described" as being "undecided" about their major or career path.
Students are seen by counselors for up to 3 appointments, with the option to arrange for additional guidance.
Counselors also can teach "Career and Life Planning" courses.

Community College Career Counseling:
Helping Community College Students Soar to New Heights
Career Counseling & Development, Summer 2013
Erin O'Brien and Ji Lim
Career Service Centers:
Case Study
Social Cognitive Career Theory
self-efficacy, outcome expectations, goals, perceived barriers
Gottfredson's Theory of Circumscription and Compromise
Super's Life-Span Theory
Things to Consider as a Career Counselor
"13th Grade" Mentality
"Plan B" Mentality
Working students
more likely part-time students
coursework to employment
Community College students = College students
want to feel connected
want to fit in
gain access to resources
related to course material
Resume writing/building
Cover Letter
Job Search Skills
Majors to Careers
Interview Skills
Email Correspondence
Social Media
Ellie is a 24 year old single mother. She has been a part time student at the college for 1 year now while working as a server in a restaurant. Currently, she hasn't decided on a major and has been talking about how she has been feeling very lost lately. She is stressed about making ends meet as it is and is worried that at this rate she will end up dropping out to work full time as a server. When asked about what skills she has she is unable to answer. And when asked about what interests she has she lights up when speaking about caring for her child and the neighbors children. In fact, in her busy schedule she has started to volunteer at the public pre-school as a teacher's aid and loves it. How would you help Ellie?
American Association of Community Colleges. (2012, December 14). 2012 Community College Fact Sheet. Washington D.C., Washington D.C., US.

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