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The Hero's Journey: Spider-man

No description

erick velasquez

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Spider-man

The Hero's Journey
By :
Erick Velasquez
Juan Gonzalez
Garbiel De Vicente
Daniel Sanchez
Ely Aparicio
Graciela Rodriguez
Juan Ochoa
Home Culture

Peter Parker is a high school student who lives in the suburbs of New york living with his aunt and uncle.

His normal life consists of trying to get a photography job at the Daily Bugle, chasing after the girl of his dreams, and overall just trying to be happy.
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Supernatural aid
Peter Parker is in his room when he suddenly decides he wants to web it up. This supernatural power guides him to new things as he becomes more and more comfortable with it.
Crossing the first threshold
Spider-man enters a wrestling arena to win money but doesn't realize by doing this, he becomes one step closer to becoming spiderman. His first costume later becomes the famous spider-man costume.
Entering the belly of the whale
After the cage match, Peter Parker finds out that his uncle died from the same man he let get away. He hunts him down and by doing so, reveals his first action as spiderman that will soon commit to fighting crime
Peter Parker gets into a fight and wins without even trying. He is surprised of the outcome and his face shows as if he wants to learn more, he tries seeking out this power.
Peter Parker decides to jump off a building using his web but while in the air, starts panicking because he is going to crash. He wants to stop using the web and go back to normal so he wont hurt himself.
Uncle Ben is Peter's Father
figure by replacing his
father who died when
he was a child. Uncle
Ben gives Peter advice
such as the famous line,
"With great power comes
great responsibility."
Road of trials
Refusing the Return
Spiderman is confronted with the opportunity to be with Mary Jane, the one he loves, but knows that he can't because with great power, comes great responsibility.
Crossing the return threshold

Spider-man must face his last trial before his final test against evil. He saves Mary Jane and a school bus full of children then moves forward to his final test against the Green Goblin.
Master of Two Worlds
Name: May Parker
AKA Aunt May
Raises Peter with Uncle Ben because his real parents died in a car accident
Explains to Peter why the world miss and Love Spider man
Pedro Salas
A Mother-Figure
Meeting A Soul-Mate
Spiderman is a superhero who fights off villans when the world calls for it. He is also known as Peter Parker, a newspaper photographer, when he isn't fighting crime.
Peter parker AKA Spiderman has to fight green goblin in the parade and has to rescue mary jane from falling from the balcony
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