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Lancelot and Guinevere

No description

Melanie Black

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Lancelot and Guinevere

Melanie Black Lancelot and Guinevere Lancelot couldn't stand Guinevere, until he hurt her feelings. From then on, they started a romance which would eventually cause Arthur's downfall. Their Story He was taken and raised by Vivien, the Lady of the Lake Sir Lancelot Du Lac Lancelot was one of the greatest knights of the Round Table. His one wish was to be able to perform miracles. Here is what Lancelot would be like as portrayed in The Once and Future King In all the pictures, they portray Lancelot as handsome and not ugly at all. But according to the book The Once and Future King, White portays Lancelot as hideous and ugly and in the book refers to his face as one like Quasimodo's. His parents were King Ban and Queen Elaine Queen Guinevere Daughter of Leodegrance, who owns the round table that Arthur uses for his order of knights Wife of King Arthur and Lancelot's lover Is very beautiful, and also very jealous How they fell in love And So he is mean and cruel to Guinevere.....until he realizes that he hurt her feelings. When Lancelot first meets Guinevere, he hates her because he thinks that she will become between him and Arthur. After he apologizes to Guinevere, they start spending more time together and eventually fall in love. So in the end, Guinevere still came between Lancelot and Arthur. Just not the way Lancelot thought she would. Lancelot couldn't stand watching Arthur and Guinevere together, so he requested to Arthur to allow him to go on quests. So what did they do? Who was said to be slightly mad. On one of Lancelot's quests, he goes to see King Pelles. They said only the greatest knight in the world could do it. In the village, he was called for help by the villagers. They needed Lancelot to bring a cursed girl out of a pot of boiling water. The girl he pulled out of the water was King Pelles' daughter, Elaine. Lancelot agreed to help them, and pulled the girl out of the water, performing his first miracle. ...And Elaine ended up being pregnant with Lancelot's child, and named him Galahad. So one night, Elaine tricked Lancelot by sending a message that Guinevere was waiting for him at a nearby castle. Another mistake they made was that they were starting to be careless in their affections. And soon everyone but Arthur started to see their actual relationship. So when Lancelot comes back, he sends all his captives to Guinevere instead of Arthur, a big mistake. Mistakes that they made. You may think there is just one love triangle with Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot. But there is also another one. The other love triangle Even though Lancelot doesn't love Elaine, when Elaine comes to Camelot with their son, this sparks jealousy inside Guinevere, which starts the other love triangle. The other love triangle is between Guinevere, Lancelot, and Elaine. Guinevere told Lancelot to leave and never come back, which at that point drove Lancelot mad and he jumped out the window. While Elaine was visiting Camelot, she tricked Lancelot again. Guinevere found out and accused Lancelot, despite Elaine's pleas. Elaine was walking with Galahad came across people staring at a man in a kings robe sleeping by the well, who she immediately recognized as Lancelot, who was brought in the night before to be King Pelle's jester. Years later, everyone thought that Lancelot was killed in a boar hunt, and they were talking about a new hot topic...
The Wild Man. Soon a couple of knights come to challenge Lancelot and recognize him and convince him to come back after telling him that Guinevere is desperately looking for him. Lancelot and Elaine lived in a castle together for awhile and Lancelot competed in tournaments incognito and only known as "The Ill Made Knight". She broke his madness by showing him the Holy Grail. When he comes to tell the tales of his adventure, Guinevere puts on tons of makeup and dresses boldy to catch his attention and to make herself look younger, even though she is only in her 40's. Years later, Lancelot comes back from his quest for the Holy Grail But Guinevere is sure that he will come back to her. Lancelot decides to end his affair with Guinevere Just as Lancelot was about to give up on his promise and was going to go back to Guinevere, she leaves and will not speak to him, so he leaves Camelot. But Guinevere's faith is weaking as time passes and soon she tells Lancelot that he should just go on another quest instead of torturing her with his presence. No one wants to be Guinevere's champion, but Sir Bors reluctantley agrees, but before the fight, Sir Bors finds Lancelot and he fights for Guinevere and wins the fight. Guinevere is widely despised now, so she decides to throw a party, but a soldier gets poisoned and Guinevere is accused. He agrees to wear a red sleeve for her in Arthurs tournament, and when Guinevere finds out she get very jealous and angry and she think that Lancelot loves Elaine. Lancelot returns to Elaine who says that he must stay with her now And Elaine realizes that Lancelot will never love her, and she commits suicide. Her body is put in a barge and drifts down to Camelot, and when Guinevere sees the dead body, she is filled with pity. When Lancelot returns, he and Guinevere argue. Meliagrance accuses Guinevere with sleeping with a guard when he sees blood on her bed (which is actually Lancelots when he cut his hand breaking into Guineveres rooom and sleeing with her the night before) One day, Guinevere is kidnapped by Sir Meliagrance who has secretly been in love with her, ands Lancelot goes to save her. Lancelot escapes and gets ready to fight Meliagrance. He defeats him once and then he removes half of his armour and ties his left hand behind his back, and then fights him again and slices his head in half. So Lancelot challenges Meliagrance to protect Guineveres honor, and knowing that he would lose, he traps Lancelot in his dungeon. Once Meliagrance is defeated, Camelot is at peace again and Lancelot and Guinevere are happy. They both plot to reveal Lancelot and Guineveres affiar so they could hurt both Arthur and Lancelot. Much time has passed and Agravaine hates Lancelot for beating him many times in jousting and Mordred hates Arthur, thinking that he abandonded him as a child. He says if they are ever caught working against the kingdom that they will be persecuted Arthur talks with Guinevere and Lancelot and expresses his concern about Mordred and how he is afriad that he will use them against him. Arthur finally agrees to the plan, but he hopes that Lancelot will kill the accusers. Mordred and Agravaine go to tell King Arthur about Lancelot and Guineveres affair. They say that they will get proof of their affair and then Arthur will have to execute them. Lancelot ignores his warning and goes to Guineveres room anyways . They spend some time together before Guinevere is worried that someone might find them. Arthur leaves for a hunting trip and Lancelot is planning to go up to Guineveres room. Gareth warns Lancelot that Mordred and Agravaine plan to trap him in her room. Lancelot goes out and kills everyone except Mordred, who runs away. Guinevere is accused of adultery and Lancelot runs away to his castle. Just as Guinevere is pushing Lancelot to the door, they hear someone trying to pick the lock. Mordred, Agravaine, and 12 other knights wait for them outside the door. Just beofer Guinevere is about to be burned, Lancelot comes in with his knights and saves her, Arthur and Gawaine are happy and they start making plans on how to recincile. Mordred comes and tells them that Gareth and Gaheris have been killed by Lancelot, even though they were unarmed. Guinevere is to be burned at the stake, and everone is expecting Lancelot to come and save her, so Mordred encourages Arthur to set out guards Guinevere decides that the only way to save them and arthur is to have the church come and intervene. So Lancelot is banished from England, and Guinevere is returned to Arthur. Guinevere and Lancelot are now living in his castle, which is under seige. He also plans to make her his wife Arthur and Gawaine go to France and put one of Lancelots castles under seige. Meanwhile at Camelot,Mordred plans to tell Guinevere that Arthur and Gawaine were killed in battle and that he is the new king of England Gawain still plans to get revenge on lacelot for his brothers Lancelot recieves a letter from Gawain telling him what has happened and that he has forgiven him about killing his brothers. He also tells him that Guinevere and some others are in the Tower of London defending themselves from Mordred, who is shooting canons at them. Lancelot decides to go back to England. Arthur and Gawaine recieve a letter from Guinevere, telling them of Mordreds plot. Arthur decides to stop the seige and go home, and Gawaine who is badly injured by Lancelot decides to go with him to seek revenge on Mordred. Then Guinevere returns the the convent where she has become a nun, and Lancelot becomes a hermit. Arthur has been killed and Lancelot and Guinevere meet for the last time at Arthurs grave and talk. THE
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