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The Gorgons Head

No description

Gilbert Larson

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Gorgons Head

The Gorgons Head
By: Anne Terry White

The oldest snake
the oldest snake is called the titanoboa (tie-tan-bo-uh).
this snake lived 58 - 60 million years ago.
the snake died after the dinosaurs died.
the titanoboa was 90 feet long.
this snake lived in colombia or south america.
the snake looks like a boa constrictor.
The Gorgons Head.
the gorgons head is a story about a boy, named Perseus who is the son of Danae and Zeus.
he has to go on a long journey through many places to reach the three gorgons, and one of those gorgons is medusa.
on this journey he ran into hermes who told him about her.
The Gorgons Head, takes you on a journey through ancient Greece
perseus's step father told him about medusa.
hermes came to help him, along with athene.
perseus was told about the nymphs.
the nymphs give perseus a winged shoes, the helmet that would make people invisible, and the magic wallet that could hold anything.
perseus decapitated medusa.
on his way home he found a girl chained to a rock, named Andromeda, and fell in love
he offered to save her from the monster if she married him.
she did, and he defeated the serpent.
during the wedding a guy named Phineas crashed the wedding, trying to steal the bride, but started a battle.
Perseus got out medusa's head and it turned phineas to stone.
he also turned his step father to stone.
Interesting facts
The Gorgons Head
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