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When you enter the room

No description

Issa Stewart

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of When you enter the room

When you enter the room
Come in normally and quietly
If you do this...
The keys to success
Thank you!
not running and shouting
Imagine there is a little baby sleeping in here.
SONAR &Reading
when you sit down
look at the board read the SONAR- it has what we will be doing today
Lets look at the board now, there it is!
lets try it...
Then you get out your reading books (you will have some soon)
You bring:
A pen/pencil
your folder
some paper
your heart and head
Every lesson
1) A good grade
2) The Iron Men Cup
3) You parents happiness and generosity
4) Mr. Issa's smiles and heart
..will be yours
When I talk, you don't
Please give your complete attention and silence when I am saying anything to the class
If you want to say anything raise your hand...
...and WAIT for me to give you permission.
3-2-1 and the hand is up!
If you are all working and I want to get your attention, I will quietly say "3-2-1" and then put my hand up
you guys:
1)stop whatever you are doing
2) turn to face me
Winners: point gained
Losers: boooo! a point lost.
Meet your neighbor
You are only allowed to talk to your neighbor which means:
the person to your left...
...or right
NOT in front or behind!
If you only have one person to talk to...
...you are learning that life can be hard.
Lets try it...
Can you hear the music?
I play some tunes in my class. If I cant
hear them, you are being too loud.
If your team go over the level: lose a point
If they don't, they win a point! whoppee!
lets try it...
Be nice to each other
You know how!
Be polite
Be respectful
Be smiley!
I love smiles, they make the world a better place
let's try it...
1 person from every team.
P's and Q's
When you want something say:
when you get something say
Thank you
Be a man ...
not a mouse
1) take responsibility
2) own up to things they have done
3) Find problems to solutions
3) Raise your hands
Men sound like this:
Win points
Let's try it...
Let's try it...
Let's try it...
This is the English class...
...Arabic is down the hallway
Only English is spoken in this classroom.
if you need explanations in arabic you must get my permission first
1) Squeak and moan about everything
2)Always argue
3) Never own up to things they have done
4) Never find solutions to their own problems
Mice sound like this:
I look forward to teaching MEN this year
You will read for the first 10 mins of every lesson.
Lucky boys!
A reading book
Live in the garbage can.
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