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Bai du thi Young Marketer 2013: Lam + Vi

Bài dự thi Young Marketer 2013. Họ và tên thí sinh: 1. Đặng Thế Kỳ Lâm 2. Nguyễn Phương Vi

Lam Dang

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Bai du thi Young Marketer 2013: Lam + Vi

Once upon
a time ..... There is a HOT guy... ...named Marketing What he does Attract and maintain customers through the 4P marketing system Be in charge of Marketing
Research Public
Relations Advertising Copywriter Sales Promotion So, thousands of people
want to date with this HOT guy Among them, there are 2 guys.. They are both talented.... ...and both want to date with
the HOT guy Marketing BUT WAIT -Has great passion and patience -Be active, creative, flexible, adaptable,

good in communication -Be confident and
dare to take risk -Could do Market research, Public relations,

Advertising, Copywriter, Promotion, Sales….all at once Think Think Think .... AND THEN .... Together we will Gain knowledge & experience
in the marketing field: + Knowledge:

•Basic knowledge, Case studies, New trends

•Self – study (Books, Blogs), BMG’s Marketing Courses, Learn from partners + Experience:
Through work, contests ... Always challenge ourselves: + Seek for higher and higher position
+ Do hard-work in the smartest way
+ Work and compete with talented people Objectives: + Win the Young Marketers 2013 Contest
+ Work in famous companies
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