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Meet Nathan Harrison

No description

Nathan Harrison

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Meet Nathan Harrison

Nathan Harrison
the reason to employ me
I offer a unique blend of abilities in language use and the media as well as a passion for persuasive communication and current affairs.

the skills applied
Enable me to communicate productively both internally and externally.
Journalistic and language abilities put me in an ideal position to work in Public Relations.
Fully aware of journalists’ needs and how to produce media content.
Potential to be moulded into any shape of job while maintaining my skill and individuality.
the recreational interests
Rugby success and failure have had a positive and lasting impact on my motivation, teamwork, commitment and discipline.
Basic Skills Level 2 Sailing Qualification.
Certified snowboarding skills.
A lover of festivals and cultural events.
so again, the reason to employ me
I offer a unique blend of abilities in language use and the media as well as a passion for persuasive communication and current affairs. I am looking to begin a long and successful career in Public Relations and I’m ready to start when you are.
the facts
I have first class BA Honours in English Language and Journalism.
I used to be left handed, then I changed my mind.
I have first hand media experience.
I wrote a dissertation examining the language and conversations of weather, labelled ‘the most original idea for years’ by my tutor.
As a petrol station pump assistant, I was a purveyor of car food and naughty magazines.
I once met the entire England Rugby League Team.
I have delivered lambs in the past.
I have played rugby on Welford Road, twice.
the professional interests
A deep enthusiasm for politics and current affairs and a huge desire to be part of the mechanisms influencing relations and reputations.
A passion for using language advantageously and in persuasive communication.
Enthusiasm to contribute.
Aiming for rapid personal and career development.
the degree
A fifty/fifty split between English Language and Journalism.
Involved studying how and why we have conversations; arguably the most common and intimate tool in communications.
Modules included Practical Journalism, Political Communication, and Journalism in Society.
Has prepared me for a career which uses both language and my understanding of the media.
Helped me gain a solid portfolio of published journalism.
the skills
Clear, concise, and effective language and communication skills.
Good sagacity, maturity and confidence.
Proven journalistic ability.
Able to organise and present ideas and arguments in a brief and effective manner.
Consistently well executed work.
Flexible and adaptable.
Able to work individually, and a proven ability and enjoyment in teamwork.
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