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Unit 2 PBL- Rates, Functions, and Graphing

This unit looks at determining best buy, using and graphing linear functions.

Larry Griffin

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Unit 2 PBL- Rates, Functions, and Graphing

Unit 2- Rates, Functions, and Graphing Label this as your new section in your math notebooks. Math Minute A 3-lb pack of ground beef is on sale for $1.79. A 5-lb family pack is $2.30.
Which is the better deal? Vocabulary Rate- a comparison of two quantities. Unit Rate- a comparison of two
quantities where the denominator
is in units of one. Iditarod SPI 0806.1.1 Solve problems involving rate/time/distance. Lesson Reflection
1. Rearrange the equation D=rt, to solve for (t) time?
2. Can you rearrange it to solve for (r) rate? Lesson Quiz 1. Solve: 5x - 3 - 2x = 12
2. Find the unit rate:
8-pack of 16-oz sodas for $4.39 3. Find the time it takes to go:
32 miles going 8.5 mph. Math Minute 1. Uncle Jim lost three dogs in the last leg of the race. He raced the last 24 minutes of the race at 5mph. How far did he go?
2. Dad had ten dogs left and was traveling 1 mile every 10 minutes. How fast was he going? Vocabulary Proportional-Two quantities are proportional if they have the same rate or ratio. Checks for Proportionality Cross-Products- Multiply the ratios diagonally. Simplify- reduce the ratio to its lowest term. Math Minute Below is Uncle Jim's speed for the 2nd day of the race.

Time(hr) 1 2 3 4 5
Dist (mi) 6.5 14 21.5 29 36.5

Is his speed proportional? Explain using two ways. Math Minute Below is Uncle Jim's speed for the 2nd day of the race.

Time(hr) 1 2 3 4 5
Dist (mi) 6.5 14 21.5 29 36.5

What expression can be used to find the distance (y) for any hour (x). Proportional-Two quantities are proportional if:
-they have the same _________.
-their cross-products are ________.
-the graph of their line goes through the __________. Vocabulary Math Minute Which expressions have proportional relationships and which do not? Explain why.
1. y = 2.5x
2. y = 3x + 5
3. y = 1/2x
4. y = 1/2x - 3
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