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candy icecream

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Benjamin Bannekar Images I think Benjamin is a hero because he protested against racism and he made a change in the world he proved enemies wrong when they said that all people off the black race are mental. He had to face a lot of discrimination in his time but he never gave up even when people burnt his house down. He is a role for many generations to come and he is one of the puzzle pieces that is helping minimze discrimination (because there still is some) my hope is that our generations will finish the task that he left. Video Hero By: Faiza TP7 THE END Hope you enjoyed :) Now we will have a question answer session (hope you were paying attention) and whoever answers correctly will receive a candy.

Before we start there are a few rules:
1) Do not scream out the answer please raise you hand
2) Good luck!
3 )Everyone is a winner Q. In which of the following places was Benjamin born in? a) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
b) Louisville, Kentucky USA
c) Richmond, Virginia, USA
d) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA Ans.
a) Baltimore, Maryland, USA Q. At the age of 24 he made a wooden clock completely out of wood

it was at the age of 22 Benjamin befriended a person who had recently moved in the neighborhood what was his name? Ans. George Ellicot! What did Benjamin due that caught attention of many scientists?
Hint: regarding astronomy Ans.
He successfully predicted a 1789 solar eclipse Who was the secretary of the state at that time.
Hint: First name starts with the letter T The secretary of the state was Thomas Jefferson What did Benjamin publish? Benjamin published almanacs How have people honored Benjamin? They have honored him by naming a school after him and also the us published a stamp in his honor Benjamin went to a quaker school for almost all his life. True or False False! he only went for a few days His grandma taught him all the astronoy algebra and geometry needed to becomean atrologer. TRUE or FALSE FALSE! he taught himself What did he send with his letter to Thomas Jefferson (the secretary of the state)? He sent a copy of his almanac Who did Benjamin sell his farm too? He sold it to the Elicot family On what condition did he sell the farm? He sold it on the condition he was allowed to live in the farm house. On what day was Benjamins house burnt in a deliberate fire His house was burnt down on the day of his funeral In 1788 lent Benjamin some astronomy books and instruments. blank George Ellicot What did benjamin create hat earned him some fame. Benjamin created americasa first working clock. What is his last name His last name is Banneker. What is his date of birth? 9Th of November 1731 Time to make some puzzles and get more CANDY!!!!!
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