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Accepted International Business Practices- Cameron Cretney

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Cameron Cretney

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Accepted International Business Practices- Cameron Cretney

By: Cameron Cretney Accepted International Business Practices
Brazil What is Appropriate Business Entertaining ? For Example: In Brazil lunches can be set up and organized to discuss something under negotiating. Something to note, when the Brazilian executive is the client he expects the vendor to pay for the lunch or dinner bill. There are many things to know when setting up a meeting with a Brazilian executive. Another point to note would be that Brazilian's observe eating etiquette and for them it demonstrates refinement and sophistication. Yet again these are just a few things you should know. Appointments Appointments typically should be made not during holidays but during working hours. Brazilians like to talk about business during lunch or dinners. Brazilians will usually arrive to the meeting 10-15 minutes late, so be prepared to arrive on time. During the Appointment Brazilians will usually talk about personal affairs that relate to what they are talking about so do not underestimate their importance. Gift Giving
Understanding the diversity of Brazilian society and the unique values and attitudes of its citizens will help you develop better relationships and do business more successfully with your Brazilian colleagues. Public Behavior Gifts to Brazilians should only be important or relevant to the business. The gifts should not be by your personal taste. Also expensive gifts are frowned upon because they could be understood as bribes. Gifts such as wines, pens, paper, agendas are acceptable. In a formal communication, Brazilians will usually shake hands and greet you with there first name, and in a informal situation women are greeted with a kiss near the face. Brazilians can become close really quickly but it is recommended that you avoid bring up subjects about salaries and age. Business Dressing The way you dress is very important because, it reflects upon you and the way you represent the company. Avoid wearing ties with drawings and figures or that are too colorful. Businesswomen usually polish their nails and wear light make-up in the working environment.

Never wear the colors of the Brazilian flag, green and yellow. It's not a suitable combination. Appropriate Subjects for Conversations Brazilians are known for their ability to talk about personal, intimate topics. To introduce a topic to talk about it is advisable to talk about something like soccer, weather, traffic, something happening in the city like a cultural event.

Talking about subjects like poverty, security, religion, topics like this should be avoided. Brazilians are proud of themselves when they can make themselves laugh, so except spontaneity.

Brazilians are not used to giving orders but advice, since they can get easily offended with straight talk and not cordial conversation.Brazilian communication is complex, including elements of verbal and non-verbal communication and great use of body language. How Brazilians Should Be Addressed
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