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South Korea!

No description

sung a

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of South Korea!

Country Size: 38,023 sq. miles Population: About 50,000,000 Birth Rate: 8.93/1000
Death Rate: 5.94/1000 Average Lifespan: 78 yrs. South Korea! Major Religion(s):
Roman Catholic-6.6%
None-49.3% Literacy Rate: 97.9% Average Income: $14,500 Major Langauge(s): English and Korean Major Ethnic Groups: Homogeneous Government: Republic Bordering Countries: North Korea
Seas: Sea of Japan and The Yellow Sea Capital: Seoul Major Exports:
Wireless Telecommunications Equipment
Motor Vehicles
Petrochemicals Elevation Range: 0-1950 ft. Climate: Temperate with rainfall heavier in the summer than in the winter Land Use:
Arable land-16.58%
Permanent Crops- 2.01%
Other- 81.41% Problems/Disasters: Unemployment Rate-4.1%, Proverty-15% Major Railroads/Airports
Pipelines- 1423 km of gas
Refined Products- 827 km
Roadways-103,029 km
Railways-3381 km
Waterways- 1008 km Mission Trip The purpose of this trip is to help spread the Gospel so people can change their religions and go to Heaven. we will go see some famous sites, eat food, and eat more food. we will stay for 3 weeks. When we get there we will be staying at my mom's sister's house. We will go through the United States, the Atlanic Ocean, through Asia, and reach South Korea We will have to travel by taxi. We will see the Appalachian Mts. and Mt. Everest. This country is open to Christians. We will go visit historic sites like the Korean Peninsula. South Korea Pictures Map of South Korea- -Flag of South Korea -Korean Tigers -Ancient Korean uniform South Korea World Stadium -The People This is just a tank Infant Mortality: 4.26 deaths/1000 live births
Male: 4.49 deaths/1000 live births
Female: 4.02 deaths/1000 live births Currency: 1 US dollar/$1296.88 Won dollars AND THATS MY REPORT! We will exchange American dollars for Won dollars. AND THAT'S MY REPORT! Currency: $1296.88/1 US dollar AND THAT'S MY REPORT!!! O O and i forgot this 1 part so here it is :)
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