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Généalogie au Grand-Duché du Luxembourg et des régions limitrophes

Georges EICHER

on 24 February 2018

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Transcript of luxroots2017_en

You are searching for your roots?
Perhaps, your ancestors came from Luxembourg ?
can be your
best partner
for your searchs.
Register, support luxroots,
login and make your searchs
by birthplace
by marriage place,
by deathplease or
by family name, always by decade
the Genealogy Center
of Luxembourg

Without knowing our history,
we remain an inexperienced child.
The National Archives holds some approximately 3 millions of
birth, marriage, and death records
for the period ~1600 to 1923
Analyzing these documents and entering their details in an Internet database,
that's the job of the luxroots team
Get a look at some of these records!
Parish registers before 1800
mostly written in Latin

Since 1795, municipalities register the
sometimes written in French,
but mostly in former German script
Around 60 volunteers (from Belgium, Germany, USA and Luxembourg)
are working in the luxroots project.
In luxroots,
genealogy is not made through a family research,
Create online
your PDF documents
pedigree charts
table of descendants

luxroots works also in these border regions.
with data of birth/baptism for a unique family name (~4,000 family names with more than 50 people)
Furthermore luxroots administrates the following websites and/or databases:
Also take a look at our FAQ page
Data for Statistics
Details of deathe record
Details of the marriage record
data of the birth record
Details of birth record
details are always entered in the language used in the original record (use our Dictionary&Glossary for translation)
buttons opening a prepared Email to our associate to inform him about an eventual error
buttons to contact our Helpdesk
buttons to view details of marriage or death record
the myluxroots menu for entering data to our database, building pedigree charts, descendant's lists, census 1766, ..

upload pictures for any person
add information (studies, jobs, functions, stories, links, ...) to any person
add your recent family members and connect them to their ancestors
for researchers on demography, sociology, epidemiology, who are interested in issues of life and social mobility, for example =
Luxembourg was divided three times
1659 to France
1815 to Germany
1839 to Belgium
but by the systematic and standardized data entry of details of all birth / baptism, marriage and death record available for the region and the period ~1600 to 1923
Each volunteer works
on a specific parish or municipality
and enters the details of all these records
into the luxroots database
by the first 3 characters of the family name
pdf for marriages and deaths data will follow
Index of notaries records prior to 1800
Luxembourgers, soldiers of France 1792-1815
http://luxbooks.lu, the virtual marketplace for Luxemburgensia books (genealogy and local history)
http://roots.lu with data of parish registers of Luxembourg, Mersch, Diekirch, Ettelbruck, ...
http://igenealogy.lu publishing free of charges Gedcom files of third people
Try our Online Genealogy Quiz
to learn more about the analysis of records
Contact our Helpdesk
for various reasons
We thank you
for your attention.

We wish you
good research
on our websites.
© Nathalie HAMES
is a dynamic team of volunteers at your service
in the context of this
cross-border and non-profit project
Never Genealogy
was easier than today!
Current inventory (Feb 24th, 2018):
763.670 births 1798-1923 (99%)
269.677 baptisms <1798 (80%)
Belgium and Germany
235,000 births from Belgium
77,000 births from Germany
18,000 marriages from Belgium
10,500 marriages from Germany
Primary sources for a complete an correct genealogy are
civil registers
parish registers
notary records
justice records
Where are these documents?
National Archives
municipalities and parishes
justice courts

BUT ...
holds today most documents
for our region:
- Familysearch.org for Belgium (civil) and Luxembourg (civil and parish)
- Archives de l'Etat Belge (parish and civil)
- Archives départementaux français (parish and civil)

Working together
on genealogy for the future
that's the motto of our 60 volunteers
informative and useful leisure
for the future.
valuable help
for family researchers and future generations.
Create online
up to 10 generations
and the list of descendants of your ancestor
luxroots.com asbl
, founded on June 16th, 2014, and registered on June 18th, 2014 with the RCSL under reference: F9998 L140100955.04
Contact: info@luxroots.com Phone. +352 2799 4713 (Georges EICHER)
were the basis tools
to start the
Genealogy project
the PC,
the internet and
the digital camera
126.113 marriages 1840-1923 (99%)
28.022 marriages 1798-1839 (80%)
21.380 marriages <1798 (30%)
80,000 deaths 1860-1923 (20%)
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