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Which Soda has The Most Carbonation?

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Lisa Thompson

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Which Soda has The Most Carbonation?

Which Soda has The Most Carbonation?
I will attach a balloon to the mouth of each bottle. Then I will shake up the bottles and wait 4 hours. The air that makes up the carbonation should go into the balloons.
Experiment Results
When the bottles were shaken, they immediately started to fill up with air. After four hours, the Coca-Cola's balloon was bigger than the others, meaning it was the most carbonated soda. The Mountain Dew and the Pepsi's balloons looked about the same, meaning they had similar amounts of carbonation. The Crush Orange Soda's balloon barely had any air in it by comparison.
I will be using four two liter bottles of soda (Coca-Cola, Orange Soda Crush, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew) and some balloons.
I think the Mountain Dew will have the most carbonation due to how it tastes.
My hypothesis was incorrect. Coca-Cola was the most carbonated soda, with Mountain Dew and Pepsi almost equal for second place. Crush Orange Soda had the smallest amount of carbonation.
Which type of soda has the most carbonation? I will be using four types of soda to test this question.
The soda bottles I used
The soda bottles after a few minutes
The soda bottles after four hours
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