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12.4 Erosion

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of 12.4 Erosion

12.4 Erosion
Soil Erosion
Erosion- transporting products of weathering
Accelerated Soil Erosion
unwise use of land, unusual climate conditions
destroying trees/plants, overgrazing
furrows allow water to run swiftly over soil
sheet erosion- caused by wind and water, exposes subsoil or bedrock
erosion of topsoil makes farming difficult
Soil Conservation
cover plants
contour plowing
- soil is plowed in circular bands that follow the shape of the land
- crops are planted in alternating bands
- farming on steplike ridges, slows movement of water
crop rotation
- switch between full exposure crops and cover crops
clearing vegetation and removing soil to build worsens erosion
Mass Movements
mass movement- movement of rocks fragments down a slope
talus- accumulated piles of rock
Rapid Mass Movements
rockfall- fall of rocks from steep cliffs
landslide- movement of soil and rock masses
heavy rainfall, spring thaws, volcanoes, earthquakes
in dry regions, during heavy rainfall, CA
slump- large rock moved by water saturation or loss of friction
Mass Movements (cont.)
Slow Mass Movements
solifluction "soil flow"- top soil is water-logged and flows
arctic climate- top layer of permafrost melts
desert climate- subsoil is hard clay and not penetrated by water, so only top layer moves
creep- gravity slowly pulls rock particles downhill
Careers in Natural Resources
Soil Conservationist
degree in agronomy- study of crop production and soil management
assist gov't agencies, industries, and private individuals for soil/water conservation, insect control, and land use
study earth's surface and underground for fresh water supplies
bachelor's degree with coursework in engineering, geology, geography, chemistry, math, physics
Water Purification Technician
filtration, disinfection, chemical processes
community college training
Have a good weekend!
Assignment- 12.4 WS

Test next Thurs.
Erosion and Landforms
- physical features of earth
shaped by weathering and erosion and buckling, bending of earth's crust
erosion of
, more like rolling hills, under-rocks have been folded and tilted by tectonic forces
depositional plain- under-rocks like in horizontal layers
- knob of rock on peneplain
erosion of
plateau- high, flat, subject to more erosion than a plain
- table-like,
- more narrow
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