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How to Woop

No description

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of How to Woop

Dreaming is important,
but it isn't enough to make your wishes come true.

How to WOOP
Dreaming is important, but it isn't enough to make your wishes come true.
Hold it in
Your Mind

Take a moment and really imagine the obstacle. Close your eyes, relax, visualize.
Hold it in
Your Mind

We are going to turn your wishes into goals.
First...You Must Wish
Look at your worksheet
See the section that says: "Wish: What is an important wish that you want to accomplish in the next ________(24 hours)?
Your wish should be challenging but feasible(attainable, achievable, realistic), something you care about, you should be able to accomplish it in the time period you set.
What will be the best result from accomplishing your wish?
How will you feel once you accomplish your wish?
(What will be most exciting about the result? Ask yourself...will this be the very best outcome?
Take a moment and really imagine it your wish taking place. Close your eyes, relax, visualize.
What is the main obstacle inside you that might prevent you from accomplishing your wish?
Where and when might this obstacle arise?
Ask yourself... Is that really an obstacle? Is there something you are feeling, doing, or saying that is standing in the way of your wish?
What is one effective action you could take to over come your obstacle?
If (insert obstacle here), then (insert effective action here).
your plan once more
Write it on your worksheet
I want to set a achievable goal.
Accomplishing something I want to do. I will feel excited, proud, accomplished!!
Feeling unmotivated or lost. This may happen when I am feeling stuck or upset.
If I feel unmotivated or lost, then I will talk to a trusted adult or friend that can give encouragement and insight.
You have created your WOOP . We will revisit these from time to time to make sure you are staying on track.
WOOP is...
An imagery technique that involves free thoughts. You should be relaxed, focused, and willing to clear your mind.

WOOP stands for...
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