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Trip Porter

No description

Mohammad Mutan

on 25 November 2017

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Transcript of Trip Porter

There is no connection between people who likes hiking and influences who has experience in this. In addition, there is a lot of natural place in Palestine that people don't know about.
An online platform ( website and application ) service.
It will link people who likes hiking with travelers who has experience in.
How does it work?

-How do our customer use it?
-How do they pay?
The Facts!
Marketing our service
Influential Travelers on social media
collaborate with heritage products stores
Other tourism companies
Our customer: People who likes hiking and traveling ( Youth, old people, Families, .. )
How do we make money?
payments from customers
ads for companies
selling data
We give our customers:

Knowledge and fun
Save time and effort
Easy to reach places that fits your needs
Electronic and easy to use
Good classification for places
summarized data base
Rating and reviews
People can share their ideas and opinions
Do you have a passion for Hiking
Do you find difficulties in searching for Hiking trips?
what do you like to do in traveling
do you agree with an application that will help you in hiking?
How much can you pay for those trips?
Our market (B to C)
Market Size and competitors:
11 competitors
5 are active, one of them is Masar Ibraheem Al-Khalil
There is no any tourism statistical here in palestine, so we studied Masar Ibraheem monthly 1000 travelers.
Initial requirement investment

20,000 $ (Salaries, programming, renting ,marketing, photographer equipment, ...)
Payments by customers (15$-35$)
almost 6 months to breakeven
Team members:
Hiba Shalabi (Major Accounting)
Doha Mouadi (Major Marketing)
Osama Hussien (Major Media Minor Computer science)
Haytham Yahya (Major Management)
Salsabeel Abuasi (Major Accounting Minor Bussiness)
Give us your trust, and we will show you
we CAN
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