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What role did aircraft play in WW2?

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courtney fyffe

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of What role did aircraft play in WW2?

World War 2 Aircrafts
What role did aircraft play in WW2?
By: Courtney Fyffe
Courtney Bailey
Halie Gibson
The 5 W's
In world war 2 aircraft was the most important weapons delivery system. Most aircraft during and before the 1900s were made of wood and fabric. Boeing is a US company that made many types of aircraft for World War 2. The B-25 was the most successful design in all theatres of war, it was twin engined, all metal and reached a maximum speed of 303 mph. It carried a total of eight heavy machine guns wich made it very well defended. The Boeing P-26 Peashooter was the first all metal fighter built for the US in 1933 and only two were ordered. The Boeing B-17 flying fortress was first constructed in 1934 and reached flight within the next year. It had reached a top speed of 287 mph and was the most well known. As the war became more intense, additional armor was needed and president Roosevelt called for the production of 50,000 military airplanes. There are a total of 399 World War 2 aircraft in the military factory.
In World War 2, aircraft was a very important tool when transporting and carrying weapons. Some of those aircraft's included: the B-9, the P-25 and the Boeing B-17 flying fortress.
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Boeing B-17 flying fortress
Boeing P-26 peashooter
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