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Welcome to the University of Southampton

No description

Ivan Melendez

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to the University of Southampton

Are you going to study in London?
Where?????? Banana Whar Because Southampton
may get a little bit
boring Welcome to the
Management School Tips and Tricks About Southampton What is it Famous for? Where to go in
Southampton? Day trips! What about nightlife? Festivals After visiting West Quay,
Sainsbury, Asda and
the Stag's Head Ocean Village Bedford Place (bars &clubs) London Oxford Street (bars& restaur) London Road La Baronia ..... (Portswood Rd) My Favourites Trago Lounge.... (Portswood Rd ) Turtle Bay.... 2- 4 -1cocktail after 10p.m. (Above Bar) Winchester Travel with uni-link Bath Common Park Bedford Place Turtle Bay Walk/cycle around Common, Riverside Park & New Forest Take a fery to Isle of Wight in SUMMER Calm down when u wanna buy, shop hard when there is big sale La baronia
Aldi Gunwharf Quays

Fish market in the City Centre every Mon;
Town Quay (any cut of beef, pork, duck et al. To experience the 'real life' Group discounts Plusbus ticket
book in advance She left Southampton on 10 April 1912 The RMS TITANIC U1N Night bus from the city centre
1:00 A.M 2:00 A.M. 3:00 A.M.
Friday and Saturday

Book a Taxi Go back safe Host/Local link The Crab and lobster Inn p.s the bus ticket for students in IOW is half price Terrible Tudors Halloween Ghost Walk
5th of November Gun Fawkes Night/Bunfire Night
Christmas (Host or Host)
Spring Festival
Career destinations https://www.soton.ac.uk/careers/ It's fun & looks sooo good in your CV....

Fish on Toast, SIFE ,Volunteering Get Involved!!! First Step!!! Take a look at:
Graduate passport https://www.soton.ac.uk/careers/passport/index.html Stay Informed!!! https://twitter.com/SotonManEmploy Gained promotion to the Premier League this year Southampton F.C. "Saints" Fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force throughout the Second World War Spitfire Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth The Three Queens Bournemouth
Bowling Portsmouth Pitcher & Piano Cineworld and Habour Lights http://www.hostuk.org.uk/ http://www.fisuk.org/soton/local-link/ Save on transportation fees It gets dark around 4
at 5 is good night!

Long nights might be

Go to Christmas markets!

Go to the movies!

Cook together, etc.
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