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Family Art Showcase

A multicultural art event for parent night

Ginger Swan

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Family Art Showcase

Planning Development Final Prep The Event! Results Involvement Call for participation THE IDEA! WHO IS INVOLVED? Family Heritage Art Showcase Create a schedule of events based on sign-up response There are many benefits from hosting a cultural event such as this: A multi-cultural event Set up artwork displays Give incentive Finalize provided food plan The idea of students creating family trees or family
crests to share about their heritage is an idea that
is often used for community building art lessons.

This family engagement plan for ELL students will
take that idea one step further to showcase students'
artwork while involving the families as well.
Students Student
Participation This would be an event for upper elementary students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

Students will create a visual arts representation of their cultural heritage.
Families Family
Participation Parents would be invited to view students' artwork, talk with teachers and fellowship over provided meal.

Parents can also showcase heritage inspired artwork, crafts, music, dance, or drama/poetry readings.

Team Leaders (or grade representatives) for 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade

Art teacher and/or Music teacher

School translators

Idea for Planning Team Teachers will send out information letters to parents, compile a list of family participants, plan the provided meal Arts teachers will help students prepare showcase selections in the weeks prior. Translators in primary languages (ex. Spanish, Arabic) will translate letters to parents & attend event, if possible. Have the planning team choose an appropriate incentive. Examples:
The class with the most participation wins a pizza party.
talent/art showcase participants stay after the event for free icecream.
An audience choice vote chooses a winner who gets a prize.
Once the number of interested participants is known, the finalized agenda for the showcase night can be decided upon. Ex: 5:30 - Open house / art show
6:30 - 3rd/4th gr. music students sing 1 song
6:35 - Six talent show acts perform
6:50 - 5th gr. Music students sing 2 songs
7:00 - Food is served

community and relationship building parent appreciation and affirmation of culture involvement of parents art appreciation affirmation of students' artwork education of other cultures by Ginger Swan
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