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Technology Overkill

No description

Jake Roberts

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology Overkill

Good or Bad? Today we use technology so much we can connect almost anynwhere On our phones.
In school.
On the road.
Almost everywhere! So the question is..... Are we overkilling the privelige of being connected? Yes? No? Today with sites like Facebook and Myspace we can talk to anyone if that be a friend or relative who lives in any country with wifi from wherever you are with wifi instantly! So why would we need to go outside and visit a friend or realtive? The world already has sites that eliminate needs to visit relatives in another country or friends in another house! So mabye in the near future we might completely isolate ourselves from the outside world and the outdoors which could bring many health risks. Today with terrorism and war going to a country is a lot harder than a decade ago. So having sites like Facebook makes
talking to a realative easily in a
few seconds instead of a few hours. And also allows for you to keeep up with your friennds all the the time! So in the end my opinion is...... Yes! But this is only one person's opinion if you agree or disagree post a comment about your thoughts. Thank you for viewing my Prezi! Technology Overkill
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