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Global Word templates

No description

David O'Hare

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Global Word templates

All the templates for all the offices are now in one place New template dialogs Click on a template to find out more Contract New feature All your contract options can now be found within the main contract dialog. Previously you would have to click on a Contract Options button. New feature You can now update the type of document, title and party from the dialog New feature You can change the office and lanuage of your document with these easy to use drop down boxes Letter Brand new look Click on a bracket to find out more New recipient list view Manage your recipients and create mail merges with ease with the new recipient list New E-Letter option New feature Quickly and easily update the office the letter is from and the lanuage of the letter with these drop down menus There is no longer a separate E-Letter template instead
it is incorporated into the letter dialog Click on a bracket to find out more New toolbars New help files Dialog help files Help files are available when you first create a document and if you need to use the dialog box for editing your document
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