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Creative Kids Inc.

No description

Lauren Regier

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Creative Kids Inc.

Creative Kids Inc. Now...
New Events
Graduation Parties
Creative Kids and Beyond Inc.
Graduation Parties
We will provide...
Graduation cake/cupcakes
Wedding Details
We provide...
Venue rental
Entertainment (DJ, Live Band, etc.)
Hotel accommodations for guests*
More Help
Hire one new employee to be in charge of the two new events.
Paid hourly
Can hire other people if necessary to help carry out events.
May be needed during Graduation season when there may be three or four parties on one day.
Expansion Plan
Creative Kids Inc.
Started five years ago by Chris Kettles.
Business based out of Anaheim, CA.
Specializes in theme parties for children.
Focuses on completely customizable parties.
Is ready to expand...
Graduation Party Costs and Profit
Wedding Costs and Profit
Marketing Strategy
Our Costs:
$500 new decorations (initial cost)
$1.25/invitation printing and mailing
$10/guest food
$300 Graduation cake/cupcakes
$200 venue rental*
Client Costs:
$2,300 + $12 per guest
Profit: $1,800 + $0.75/guest
You choose...
Invitation style
Decoration theme
Average party length: 2 hours
*If party held at house no venue cost
You choose...
Cake Style
Decoration theme
Ceremony and Reception venues
*Hotel rooms are extra cost for guests not included in wedding cost
Our costs:
$20/guest food
$5/guest invitation & mail
$800 wedding cake
$2,500 photographer*
$2,000 entertainment
$100 ceremony site rental
$3,500 decorations & flowers
Client costs:
$13,500 + $35/guest + venue cost
Profit: $4,600 + $10/guest
Celebrating with you from your kid's birth to their wedding day
*doesn't include prints
Timeline for Implementation
Goals & Financial Impact
Initial Costs:
$500 Graduation Decorations
$3,000 Marketing
Gross Profit (1 year):
20 Kids Birthday Parties
20 Graduation Parties (100 guests)
15 Weddings (200 guests)
= $154,000
Net Profit:
$3,500 initial costs
$150,500 for two salaries
Introduce new logo and slogan to current customer base
Hire New Employee
James Event Management
Corporate events, company picnics, holiday parties, school parties, non-profit.
Amber Event Productions
Weddings and Galas
Only does lighting and sound
Tiscareno's Catering
Any type of party, caters food and helps put clients ideas together.
Begin publishing ads in newspapers and magazines using Tony's endorsement, as well as from past or current happy customers to highlight new event services.
Orange County Register
Anaheim Hills News
Social Media
Creative Kids Website
Update website and other social media sites
One party featuring graduation party ideas and another featuring wedding themes and ideas.
Offer special deals for clients who book events at the party.
Spring 2015
Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Promo Party
Fall 2015- After Promo Party
Begin planning and hosting events
Late Fall 2015
20 Kids Birthday Parties
20 Graduation Parties
15 Weddings

Complete these events by fall of 2016
Celebrity Endorsement
Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
Planned a party for Tony's 15th birthday
Summer 2015
Kids Parties
Venue Rental
Cost: $2,000 + $10/guest
Profit: $900
Average Party Length: 3 hours
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