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Proposal for Boyscouts

Boy Scout Proposal

Hannah Mordenga

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Proposal for Boyscouts

Bill Gates
Troup 186 Neil Armstrong
Troup 497 Leadership starts with a
strong foundation... A leadership succession strategy is a valuable tool to grow future leaders Mission Statement: The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Having a plan to encourage and
motivate, active individuals
to lead the pack is the key to achieving the organizations mission Leadership Succession Our Objective: Restructure the leadership succession and training process of
pack 17 leaders. current state of pack 17 struggling with
recruiting new leaders further developement
of effective ways
to lead meetings encourage more
parental involvement Pack 17 CUB MASTER Rank Advancement
Committee Pack Master Programmer Responsible for organzing
pack information troopmaster.com Track status of scout
Reports information to the pack master programmer and den leader TIGER WOLF BEAR WEBELO 1 WEBELO 2 Meeting-Activities Committee Responsible for weekly activities following the monthly theme
Develop outlines for activities to be passed down Event Committee Plan Pinewood Derby
Plan Blue and Gold Banquet
Recognition Committee Works with the rank advancement committee
Distribute patches at end of year ceremony
Award all parents who contributed Den Chief help meetings run smoothly
act as role model
(boyscout) DEN LEADER Meeting Facilitator Creates agenda for weekly and monthly meetings
Attends Pack Meetings WHATS IN IT
FOR YOU? Decrease workload
Encourage parental involvement
Easier succession Supporting Evidence Hamburg Pack implimented these changes for successful results Suggested Committees have been recognized for being most effective in pack structure CONCLUSION New Structure Pack Master Programmer
Rank Advancement Committee
Den Chief
Meeting Facilitator
Event Committee
Recognition Committee
Meeting-Activities Committee Overall this new structure will encourage stronger leadership possiblilities that will help to achieve the overall mission statement FRIENDS FROM FREDONIA Anthony Colon
Hannah Mordenga
David Thoin Jack Weigle
Emily Schultz
Chad Cleland Mission statement
Our objective
Propose our modified organizational structure
Explain evidence
Explain benefits
Brief Summary
Overview Denner (current boyscout) Role model
Keeps scouts on task
Leadership role
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