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Copy of L'Oréal international marketing strategy

No description

Thomas Perrot

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of L'Oréal international marketing strategy

72,600 employees 1st cosmetics group worldwide 22.5 billion euros of sales in 2012 130 countries 27 international brands 27 international brands ASIA, PACIFIC +9.6% 20.6% +5.9% €4,287M Market growth Consolidated cosmetics sales sales growth Group cosmetic sales LATIN AMERICA +10.4% 8.8% +10.2% €1,827M Market growth Consolidated cosmetics sales sales growth Group cosmetic sales The United Nations of Beauty A successfull internationalization strategy BRAZIL CHINA Think "glo-cal" Asia
"the new
frontier of growth"  a fast growing market  Specificities :
Impact of western trends
Different needs R&D
Adaptation of
the products
to the consumers The strategy in Asia focus on Specificity of the market
Implantation of strategic brands
Specificities of the products
New marketing Acquisition strategy
Regionalization of the production Buy local brands
Hire beauty professionals
Explore new distribution places
Create new products The global internationalization strategy Designing which markets to enter principal segmentation criterion: the purchasing power
myth of the global village Market entry strategies internalization
extending a french firm model A glo-cal approach:
the cultural and market specificities
seen as opportunities The challenge of product distribution Strategies implemented by l’Oréal to set up
in Brazilian market: South America An expanding market
A heterogeneous area
Take advantage of the economic growth focus on L’Oréal Brasil: a winning strategy for make-up More than 2.7 billion dollars = estimation of the make-up market in Brazil.

L'Oréal and its easy establishment

“flagship” brands = Maybelline, L’Oréal Paris Make Up and Colorama New communication strategy
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