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The Drone Effect

No description

Maddison Dunn

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of The Drone Effect

The Drone Effect
What is a Drone
What is a Drone? - “Drones” are probably the most advanced equipment in the field of robotics, aeronautics and electronics. The technical name of drones is “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs). They are aerial vehicles which come in wide varieties of sizes, shapes and functions, which are controlled either by remote or control systems from the ground.
What is it used for?
They are generally used to carry out tasks in which manned flight is considered to be risky. Drones mostly find use in military services, but are now days finding use in various civilian operations such as search and rescue, weather analysis etc. They are known for their “precision” and “stealth” features. Drones have carried out monumental tasks in preventing terrorist attacks and capturing important Taliban leaders, including the surveillance of the infamous “Osama Bin Laden”.
The Effect on Media
Drones have gone from being the stuff of science fiction to the latest must-have toy and, in the near-future, they could be taking care of business. Already vital to industries such as agriculture, defense and weather monitoring, commercial drones, also known as Unmanned Aircraft.
Drones have been slowly taking over the media as it is a faster, cheaper, smarter alternative. This media convergence has had a large impact on the media as it is capturing more information and are safer than flying helicopters over a war zone for example.
You may NOT fly closer than 30m to vehicles, boats, buildings
You are NOT allowed to fly over any populated areas
You may NOT operate within a RADIUS of 5.5km of any aerodrome, airfield, airport, seaplanes taking off or landing
You may ONLY operate during DAYLIGHT
You may NOT fly above 400ft (123m)
The Audience
The audience has a different approach to drones as some people are unsure of the technology and others are all for the different ways media are capturing the news. However, people have different perspectives on drones but there main concern is their privacy and how far the media will go to push their boundaries to capture events of a war zone or a famous celebrity committing a crime.

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