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A new emerging pedagogy?

No description

Georgina Spry

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of A new emerging pedagogy?

Image Credit: http://www.tripsgeek.com/hot-air-balloon-adventure-in-nile-valley-egypt/valley-of-the-kings-and-thebes-from-hot-air-balloon/
Student Satisfaction at Chester University
reflexivity & criticaltity?????

Introduction to the Module
is a brilliant tool for presenters-
these new features can help you do a lot
I Love Prezi- I've been using it since the launch way back in 2009.
The module seeks to provide an overview of the potential to individualise the Primary school curriculum for learners and as a teacher. It is concerned with the individual learner in the wider context of learning in Primary education as well as the nature of reflective and reflexive practice and theories of learning and teaching.
This module seeks to prepare each future teacher by developing their own personal, coherent rationale to their approach to learning and teaching.

It challenges preconceived ideas of the ‘final product’ being paramount and provide a sound theoretical base for the ‘process’ being equally important for their work in schools.

The model of the reflective practitioner is crucial to the whole module, and as such it will underpin the dynamic relationship between theory and creative practice.
Session outlines
Key moments from student feedback
I really enjoyed the approaches used in this module. The use of interactive resources and seminars instead of a typical sit down lecture made it easier to collaborate and share

The range of activities was good, particularly the days such as the ict/games day and loggerheads

Wide range of approaches have been used - trip, power points, group work, investigation and online sessions

Methods used to teach this module enabled me to see how I could personalise teaching within the classroom as well as make the sessions creative

I have found this module very useful because I have been introduced to many different approaches I can use in my own teaching

I really liked all the support on Moodle and most of the online sessions were good.

The teaching of this module was effective and the sessions appeared to be well planned and focused on the key objectives of the module.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the university based session in this module as they have helped me with the one note assignment.

Key moments - (according to student feedback)
Outdoor learning day
Arts day
ICT day
Final lecture

Creativity - the variety of teaching approaches that were used

Trip to Loggerheads - I enjoyed this trip mostly; The art day - I loved the art session,

The other lectures have been very engaging involving videos, mind maps, working in groups and using critical thinking

Some of the different aspects were delivered in a creative way that allowed us to use the information and how it would influence our own teaching.

- diversity of lecture topic
- engaging tasks
- debates within seminars

All of the university based sessions have been the most valuable to me as I feel they allowed me to successfully reflect in my one note

I enjoyed the mixture of resources that were used to support our learning in the module. The ease of access on Moodle and different sessions which showed different ways of personalising teaching were greatly beneficial.

The experiences and resources used in all the sessions were brilliant.

All resources that were available on the module space were effective in supporting learning. The resources were clear and consolidated learning.

I feel that the online sessions provided us with lots of reading and websites which will be useful to me for personalising my own teaching and classroom

The articles and videos were really useful on the module space

Moodle resources- student feedback
The assignment
A one note submission addressing 8 different areas- of the students choice- from the module
responses included:
You tube animations and videos
reflections and images
maths in the outdoors
links to SBL & theory
and even a song or two
with annotated transcripts
and a mixture within one page of the assignment
Tutor perceptions
huge time consumer
each session has a variety of resources including video, presentation, reading, activities........
full day experiences - timetabling, organisation, field study risk assessments, students!
Marking non- standard assignments
massive team effort
Deb Ravenscroft

How can Universities ensure that their students are satisfied?

- Exploring the NSS & TEF

- Identifying how the learning environment and co creating knowledge can offer a high quality experience

- Collaborative learning, feedback and assessment, online learning & student support

as well as some Animations
So by improving the quality of the learning experience and supporting students in their own learning what are the benefits.....
This is only
Quality time face to face
Greater opportunities for deeper learning
The module space- Moodle
assignment guidance ppt
assignment q&a forum
assignment MP4
assignment guidance AVI
Q&A online in sessions, uploaded
PDF and web links to read before session
podcast download
book including Prezi as well as reading
list of proposed directed tasks to choose from
book chapter scanned
link to podcasts
explanation of online activity
online structured lesson
links to TED talks
Journal articles
Full day sessions
outdoor learning

Arts Day
New Technologies
creative composition
xbox & Ipads
Thank you for listening
Full transcript