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The Advantages and Disadvantages of SOCIAL NETWORKS

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Sébastien Le Maire

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of The Advantages and Disadvantages of SOCIAL NETWORKS

Making new friends and acquaintances
Staying in touch with friends and relatives, friends from former schools
Keeping up with celebrities
Sharing problems
improving your I.T skills
Feeling free, more independent
Opening up to new horizons

you can meet friends of friends you already have,
people who share your interests and passions
Good if you're shy and reserved : you can practice your social skills!
Staying in touch with friends and relatives abroad or friends of your former schools
If you live far away on a distant island, you can contact anyone, anywhere, at any time without having to travel. You can also find friends you haven't seen for a long time!
If you have personal problems and issues, secrets,
you can share them with teens who will understand you better.
You are less isolated and you find important support.
Keeping up with your favourite celebrities
It feels like you're part of their life and you're famous too!
You learn how to import videos, create your own page, send pics, make nice designs
It helps you improve
your creativity
It is your personal space and you feel freer from your parents' watch
You learn how to become more responsible
By making new friends or browsing online, you can discover new cultures and new ways of life
You get more tolerant and open-minded!
THE Advantages
and disadvantages ...
Seconde F
Lycée Antoine Roussin
November 2013

GeTTing HaCKed
time consuming
becoming poor at social interaction
ruining relationships
becoming narcissistic
Lack of anonymity
People often insult you, make cruel remarks
on your page, threaten you, or worse stalk you!
Boyfriends or friends you used to trust become your worst enemies!
You should choose your friends online very carefully
Anyone can copy your photos and use them for other goals,
people can steal your identity and pretend they're you, steal your codes ...
Be very careful, don't share your information with anyone
Anyone can learn about my private life and know what I am doing all the time
Avoid sharing too many personal details.
Your secret garden should be safe.
You spend all your time behind the screen, chatting and surfing. You become addicted and have no more time for your family, your homework or sports activities. You become sleep deprived!
Try to discipline yourself and have a time limit on the net everyday.
You can lose touch with reality and you don't know how to behave when people are around you!
Go out to town with your friends, do some sports, have diner with your parents
Social networking can break up couples or friendships, people can be jealous if they find their date or friend is exchanging messages with others!
Try not to be too naive.
You become obsessed with your image and what others think about you, you want to have more likes than others!
This obsession can become a disease and you may have mental problems ...
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