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Level IV AAP Services:

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Payal Herendeen

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Level IV AAP Services:

Level IV AAP Services:
Screening and Selection for FCPS Students

Step 1:
Pool or Referral?
Each year, when ability test results are received by Fairfax County, a county-wide benchmark is determined for second grade students

Second graders who score at or above the benchmark are considered “the pool”

A letter is sent with test scores to notify parents if their second grade student is in “the pool”

What are Level IV
Full-Time AAP services?

What does Level IV AAP look like?
Goals of the Level IV AAP Program
FCPS Level IV AAP Services
Highly challenging instructional program that follows the FCPS Program of Studies

Differentiation in the depth, breadth, and pace of instruction designed to meet the needs of advanced learners

Adaptations are made to challenge gifted learners and place emphasis on critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills

Learning environment allows students to explore and express their ideas with other highly able peers
Level IV AAP students work above grade level in math
The math curriculum uses the Advanced Math program
The AM program uses resources from the AAP Curriculum

Though enriched to add breadth and depth, the same curriculum standards are taught in science and social studies (units extend on grade level curriculum)

Goal I: To provide for mastery, enrichment, and extension of the core standards of learning in all curriculum areas, infused with appropriate resources (including technology) at a pace, depth, and complexity appropriate to the capacity of high ability learners.

Goal II: To develop an understanding of systems of knowledge, themes, issues, and problems that frame the external world.

Goal III: To develop cognitive and metacognitive skills that foster independent self-directed learning.

Goal IV: To develop self-understanding.

Goal V: To develop social skills that enable students to develop their leadership skills, their interpersonal skills, and their ability to effectively relate to others in a variety of situations.

Goals of Level IV AAP
Goals of Level IV AAP
Steps 1 -8 for identifying children for full time placement in Advanced Academics (Level IV)
All 2nd grade pool students will be considered for Level IV AAP placement unless a parent requests otherwise in writing

Parents of students in the 2nd grade pool are encouraged to supplement the pool file with optional documents

2nd grade students in the pool have no greater chance of Level IV eligibility other than the test score earned

No test score guarantees eligibility

The benchmark score is released on the AAP website in January

The pool only applies to second graders – all students in other grades who wish to be screened must submit a referral

The pool is just a starting point and does not guarantee eligibility since, according to Virginia regulation, no single piece of information can find a student eligible or ineligible. 

FCPS uses a holistic case study approach as prescribed in the National Association for Gifted Children’s best practices. 

Let's Encapsulate!
Step 2:
Submit Documents for Screening File
Students in Grades 2 – 7 can be referred for Level IV AAP services by submitting the Level IV referral form

Referrals and all other optional documents are due to local school AART by
January 15, 2016

Documents that are submitted by parents:

The FCPS Level IV Referral Form (fillable document online) -
required for referrals

A Parent/Guardian Questionnaire (fillable document online) - optional

Up to 4 pages (single-sided 8 ½ x 11) of work samples or digital photos - optional

Up to 5 pages (single-sided 8 ½ x 11) of awards/certificates /letters of recommendation - optional

Other ability test scores - optional

Referral Form
Referral files include a referral form completed by the parent or a legal guardian

A parent or guardian of a pool student may submit a referral form in lieu of a recommendation letter*

*If you are waiting for test scores, submit a referral form anyway by the deadline. We need this in order to start the process at the local school.
Parent/Guardian Questionnaire (optional)
Highly recommended (both pool and referral files)

A complete Questionnaire consists of the student name, checks in each of the appropriate boxes with
specific examples below each of the given statements, and signature of the person completing the form

Work Samples
Parents may submit up to 4 single-sided sheets of work samples or digital photos scanned onto 8 ½ x 11” paper

Work samples are to give evidence to the student’s ability to problem solve, think creatively, apply their knowledge, or show individual motivation for learning

Quality work samples are open-ended pages of writing, art, mathematical reasoning, thinking, problem solving, and exceptional abilities in any academic area

Projects students have created are great examples and often are best portrayed through digital pictures with captions written either by the parent or the child to explain what was completed

Awards/Letters of Commendation
Separate from the work samples

Up to 5 total single-sided pages (not 5 letters necessarily)

No teacher or specialist in FCPS may contribute to these letters in any way

Awards or letters can be submitted regarding a talent or passion your child demonstrates with an intense interest that showcases their strengths.
Other Abilities Test scores
Approved Tests

Group Tests
Coginitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT)
Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT)

Individually Administered Tests
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC- IV)
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale
Cognitive Assessment System (CAS)
Kaufman Assessment Battery
Differential Ability Scale (DAS)

The George Mason University Cognitive Assessment program also offers group and individual ability tests
(703) 993-4200

Evaluations from other private clinical psychologists are
accepted only with a copy of his or her current psychology license

Abilities test from another school district - need to be clearly labeled

Step 3:
Local Screening Committees Meet
Meets at local school to complete all portfolios including the Gifted Behaviors Rating Scale with commentary for pool and referred students and 2 work samples produced at school

Consists of at least the first three of the following:
Advanced Academic Resource Teacher
Team of Classroom Teachers
Level IV AAP Center Lead Teacher
School Counselor
ESOL teacher/Reading teacher (if applicable)
Other staff contribute to GBRS commentary

Committee does not make placement decisions or recommendations for each student

Gifted Behavior Rating Scale (GBRS)
The Gifted Behaviors Rating Scale (GBRS) is a scale used to identify exceptional behaviors in each student in FCPS

The Local Screening Committee meets to complete the ratings and adds comments to support their numeric rating
The four categories considered on the GBRS for each student are:
Exceptional Ability to Learn
Exceptional Application of Knowledge
Exceptional Creative/Productive Thinking
Exceptional Motivation to Succeed

In each category, students are given a 1 – 4 rating based on the frequency of behaviors displayed during classroom activities

Being that the title of each category is “Exceptional”, a rating of a 4 is very rare

Step 4:
Central Selection Committee Meets
Composed of:
school psychologists
program specialists

Up to 6 committee members read each file to determine if there is enough evidence to support Level IV placement
Countywide Advanced Academic
Central Selection Committee
Committee members evaluate all available data using a holistic approach and looking for compelling evidence that a child’s needs cannot be met in a general education

No specific score on any one measure determines eligibility.

The committee does not produce individual eligibility reports.
Step 5:
Oversight Committee Reviews Files
Reviews all ineligibility decisions

Monitors the consistency of the selection committee and may identify additional students who have profiles similar to the profiles of those found eligible

Step 6:
Parent Notification and Level IV Orientations
Local schools are notified of all eligible decisions
Advanced Academic Programs office mails eligibility decisions and an AAP (Level IV) Permission for Placement Form to parents or guardians of eligible students by the end of March

Eligible students are invited to attend an orientation at their assigned AAP (Level IV) site in April
AAP office also mails letters to parents or guardians of ineligible students (letter also contains appeal information)
Decisions are not released by phone, fax, e-mail, or in person

Step 7:
Appeals Due by April 29, 2016
Parents/Guardians of students not found eligible by both the central selection committee and the oversight committee may submit a written request for an appeal

The request MUST include
An explanation regarding the child’s academic needs for Level IV placement
New data not provided in the original file

Appeals are due on or by April 29, 2016 to the AAP central office.

Step 8:
Appeal Decisions Mailed
Parents who submit an appeal receive a decision in writing by June 1, 2016.

Every child’s file receives a very thorough screening and review

The decision of the appeals committee is final; parents may refer their child again the following year

Students found ineligible for Level IV services may be considered for part-time school based AAP Level III or differentiated Level II services at their local school
My email:


the FCPS AAP website:

Created by Payal Herendeen
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