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Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication

No description

Tasha Shelton

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication
What does that long class name mean?
About Me
Course Snapshot
Professional Communication
Ethical Communication
Interpersonal Relationships
Professional Presentations
Audio/Video Career Cluster Exploration
Fashion Design Career Cluster Exploration
Printing and Imaging Career Cluster Exploration
Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation and Photography Career Cluster Exploration
The plan is for you to create a variety of products. For example, you will likely work to create presentations, digital images, graphic art, and videos.
Because we will do a lot of work on the computers, I strongly suggest that you bring a USB drive with at least 2 GB of free space on it.
All other supplies are pretty standard (paper, pen/pencil, etc.).
The Basics
What the class boils down to is one in which you will learn how to effectively communicate with people both in person and electronically.
That sounds familiar...
Who takes this class?
students who thought they needed to take this class in order to take higher level classes in this career path
students who thought it sounded interesting
students who thought it sounded like an easy class
students who were enrolled without much, if any, say in the matter
The Teacher
This is my eighth (!) year of teaching and all have been at North.
Along with this class, I teach Digital and Interactive Media, AV Production (NTV), and Photojournalism. This is my first year teaching this class, so this will be an adventure for all of us.
The Person
I was born and raised in San Antonio.
I have an insanely large immediate family.
I moved here to attend UNT.
I graduated with a degree in journalism with a concentration in broadcast. I then attended graduate school to get my teacher certification.
I have a wonderful husband, who I have been married to for seven years.
In March of 2011, we blessed the world with our child.
Her name is Kinsley and she is basically the coolest person I've ever met.
We also have a dog, Sadie, and she is a complete spaz.
Lastly, we have a cat, Blue, who creeps me out on a daily basis.
It sounds a lot like Professional Communications. In fact, the curriculum for this class is irritatingly similar to to PC. However, I won't teach it the same way the PC teachers do.
Be respectful.
Be appropriate.
Give constructive criticism.
Speak up.
Keep your fingers off of the computer screen.
Use all equipment appropriately.
Have fun but know when to get serious and do your work.
Listening to music with headphones is fine AS LONG AS YOU'RE WORKING.
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