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Factors of production on IPhone

No description

katelyn fallis

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Factors of production on IPhone

Natural resources
~Glass is a natural resource because its made out of several minerals being melted

~ Iron on the metal lining around the sides.

~rubber is used for the case of the iphone

~Fiberboard is used for the packaging
Aluminum - is used to make the iPhone lighter and thinner
Human Resources
~Factory workers to create the iPhone

~ The iPhone apps are created by workers

~Transporters to ship,drive, of fly the products to different countries

~Sales people to convince that the consumer that the iPhone is better

~Cell Phone repair workers to fix your phone e.g. cracked screen
Capital resources
A Factory for the workers to work at

~Retail store to sell the iPhone

~ Transportation (Trucks,Ships,And an airplane)

~Money to produce the iPhone

~ The tools to fix the iPhone if it gets ruined
Factors of production on the iPhone
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