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Emily Carr

No description

MacLean Press

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Emily Carr

Emily Carr A Canadian Artist Emily Carr
Oil on canvas
92.0 x 129.0 cm
1930-1931 Emily Carr
Big Raven
Oil on canvas
87.0 x 114.0 cm
1931 Emily Carr started painting aboriginal themes then switched her focus to landscapes, particularly forests. She was inspired by the people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Emily has a modernist and post-impressionist painting
style. Emily Carr was born December 13, 1871 in Victoria, British Columbia. She died in 1945.
She studied at the
San Francisco Art Institute, Westminster School of Art, and Académie Colaros. Her art is shown in the Vancouver Art Gallery Emily Carr In this painting Emily has used oil paints to capture the many shades of texture and light. She shows us the depth of the sky and clouds with the geometric shapes. Emily Carr
Totem Walk at Sitka
Water colour on paper
38.5 cm x 38.5 cm
1907 Emily Carr
Oil on paper
85.5 x 57.7 cm
1938-1939 This was the first painting she did in water colour. The different shades of the trees reflect the mystery of the forest. The totem poles represent the greatness of the pacific northwest and native culture, this was a legacy she wanted to leave behind.This is a painting of a true place she visited. If I had to replicate or use Emily Carr's
paintings for inspiration I would choose
'Big Raven' because it shows power and peacefulness. It is beautiful with its
simplicity, but colourful landscape. Emily has used the same technique in 'Vanquished' with this sky. The hills are highlighted which create light onto the raven statue. 1871-1945
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