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Customer Analytics in Online Gaming

No description

Olivier Maugain

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Customer Analytics in Online Gaming

Improving Customer Understanding, Experience and Personalisation through Analytics Exemplified in Online Gaming Challenges and objectives in the Online Gaming Business User acquisition
Monetisation (revenue growth)
Retention (churn prevention) Challenges in Online Gaming

What is Analytics?

Applications in Gaming CRM

Benefits What is Analytics? Business Intelligence Reporting Performance Management
KPIs MAU ARPU DAU DAU/MAU Churn rate ARPPU Conversion rate Online Analytical Processing
(OLAP) Cross-Tabulation Drill-down
Drill-up Dicing& Slicing Query Pivots Predictive Analytics
Data Mining "The process of discovering meaningful knowledge (e.g. correlations, patterns and trends) by sifting through large amounts of data stored in repositories, using statistical and mathematical techniques." Helps managers to discover and understand what's going on and predict what's going to happen next Customer understanding Player behaviour in general

In-game user behaviour

User segmentation

Cohort Analysis

Social Mapping


Comparison new vs. existing players

Identification of viral users Interpret user experience In-game user behaviour

Penetrate player psychology

Recognition of good or bad gaming experience

Identification of the factors driving specific behaviours

Testing of game design -> Create the perfect gaming experience! Player Valuation Current player value
Theoretical loss
Actual loss

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
= Current value
x Value growth rate
x Longevity Possible factors used for modelling:
- Monetisation-related behaviours (spending patterns, in-game purchases, etc.)
- Player influence on virality, net game evangelism, etc. Personalisation of customer service Campaign optimisation ...Across all touch points:
Log-in, log-out, in-game messaging, conversion of virtual goods, email promotions, mobile ads, etc. Cross-selling / up-selling In other words... Convey
the right message... To the right user At the right time Through the
right channel With the
right content Benefits for gamers Better understanding of
their needs and preferences

Improved, personalised,

Deeper engagement

Increased satisfaction Benefits for operators Increased conversion
(from non-paying to paying players

Reduced churn
(improved retention)

Higher ARPU and / or ARPPU

Increased monetisation

-> Higher profits Dr. Olivier Maugain CEO
AsiaAnalytics (formerly SPSS China)
Tel: +86 (0)21 6352 3586
Mobile: +86 156 1858 6003
Email: maugaino@asia-analytics.com Thank you for your attention LinkedIn group: "Customer Analytics in Asia Pacific"
Weibo: asia-analytics Meanwhile... Games are generating data... 2 billion gamers worldwide...
...Generating 50 TB of data per day
Battlefield: 1TB of data per day (in-game telemetry)
Simpsons Tapped Out: 150GB per day
Every month, EA hosts about 2.5 billion game sessions (representing about 50 billion minutes of gameplay) Source: Rajat Taneja, Strata 2013 What's causing the Data Surge?
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