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Fractured Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty

AP Psychology

Ashley Angel

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Fractured Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty

Fractured Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty Before the last housekeeper got a chance to speak, Maleficent,the kingdom’s most notorious criminal barged in the crowded room.
Maleficent suffered from antisocial personality disorder, therefore having a lack of conscience for wrongdoing toward strangers, friends, and even family. As she looked for berries, she experienced a manic episode which caused her to feel excessive happiness and dance with animals. Her dissociative identity disorder simultaneously caused her to sing a song claiming she met a prince and fell in love with him “once upon a dream”. Prince Philip was riding through the forest when he heard her voice and
went looking for the source of it Back at the cottage, two fixated maids argued over whether Aurora’s dress should have been pink or blue-failing to see the problem from a fresh perspective. Eventually, the two maids gave up and went to the kingdom to bring back extra help before Aurora returned. Maleficent’s partner finally spotted Aurora as she was returning and closely watched her. On the day of her 16th birthday, Maleficent became frustrated because
henchmen failed to find Aurora. Maleficent became an example of the
frustration-aggression principle after torturing her henchmen repeatedly because
she was so upset. Afterwards, she sent one of them to look for her. At the top of her lungs, Maleficent declared that she hoped the princess
would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die
on the day of her sixteenth birthday. To settle the crowd,
Merryweather ensured everyone that the princess would not be harmed. King
Stefan interpreted this as another gift that would revoke the curse. For Aurora's safety, the King and Queen sent her away to be
raised by the maids. The moment she came in, one of the housekeepers
coincidently opened the curtains and a great
amount of light focused around Maleficent. King Stefan had
a hallucination that she was surrounded by dark
purple clouds and assumed she was a serious threat. After giving birth to the child, the queen experienced postpartum depression King Stefan also suffered from dementia, hallucinations, and delusions. Once, upon a time, there was a king and queen who desperately longed for a child. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, the king and queen finally had a baby girl. she had a lack of interest in the things she used to love, had barely eaten, and became very anxious and miserable. King Stefan was so sorrowed by his wife’s misery that he put together a joyous, kingdom-wide celebration where people would come bearing gifts and wishes for the new princess. King Stefan invited King Hubert to the celebration. King Hubert was from a kingdom not far from King Stefan’s, the two had known each other for a very long time. Many considered them to have the same personality until King Stefan reached age 45. His midlife transition pushed him to dye his hair a darker color and switch between episodes of depression and extreme ambition. So, as part of the festivities of the celebration, King Stefan agreed to betroth his daughter to King Hubert’s young son, Prince Philip. He had even mistakened housekeepers who had worked inside the castle for decades for fairy godmothers who had come from the forest. During the celebration, King Stefan misinterpreted their words of encouragement to be mystical gifts that would affect her beauty, talent, and personality. ... Because the King had dementia, he had trouble finding a solution to the problem-he ordered that every spinning wheel would be burned but failed to include the spinning inside his own castle. As she grew, not only did she develop bipolar disorder, but personality disorder as well. She then started going by the name, Briar Rose. Meanwhile, the maids were preparing for her birthday celebration. They realized they were missing berries so they sent Aurora out to get some. When he found Aurora singing and dancing, he cut in midway and joined her. Aurora suddenly changed from being joyful to flustered and extremely upset; one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. She then experienced another manic episode and invited him to her cottage as she ran away. ... Aurora hurried with excitement to tell the maids about the man she met. To her disappointment, she learned she was a princess already betrothed to a prince. The maids then took her back to the king’s palace for the official celebration of her return. Before Aurora left for the ceremony, Maleficent, all dressed in black, led her with a candle to a room with a glowing spinning wheel inside... Just as she was about to touch the spindle, she remembered the trouble she was in and instantly fell into deep, depressive sleep. When King Stefan found out, he ordered that everyone in the kingdom would fall and stay asleep in honor of the princess. The maids hurried to find Prince Philip because they knew he had antidepressants Aurora needed. The type he owned could only be taken via mouth-to-mouth... When he returned to the castle, Maleficent did everything in her power to stop them but failed. She was arrested and sent to a mental institution. Her pet dragon was also taken away. After Prince Philip finally reached the princess, he delivered the medicine and she woke up from her depressive sleep. King Stefan interpreted this as the "kiss of true love" and motioned the kingdom to awaken. Aurora accepts her title, stays with Prince Philip, and aside from King Hubert, no one questions King Stefan for the decisions he made.
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