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Doctor Who

No description

Ania Padiasek

on 27 February 2016

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Transcript of Doctor Who

What it is?
Doctor Who is british science fiction series emitted on BBC 1 since 1963. First edition of series lasted to 1989 and it was continued in 2005. It's about the Doctor- an alien from planet Gallifrey, who has various adventures. He travels in time and space with his companions in space ship called TARDIS.
The Doctor
The Doctor is main character of series. He looks like an ordinary man but he's a Time Lord. Time Lords are race from Gallifrey but they gone in the Time War.
Doctor has two hearts and he learns quickly than people. He can also regenerate himself, when he's dyeing and change his face and personality
All Doctors
When Doctor is regenerating, then the actor who plays the character has to be change. That's all actors who played the Doctor
First Doctor
The First Doctor was playing by William Hartnell in years 1963-1966. He fought with Daleks and Cybermans. His Doctor was commanding and always ready to battle.
Second Doctor
Second Doctor was playing by Patrick Troughton (1966-1969) and he fought with his old enemies - Daleks and Cybermans- and new - Great Intelligent and Ice Worriers. He was funnier than First version. He also use a sonic screwdriver as first and play on flute.
Third Doctor
Doctor regenerated himself to third version since the rest of Time Lords send him to XX-century Earth as a fine in support of intrude to history. He was playing by Jon Pertwee ( 1970-1974). His Doctor usually works for UNIT- UNified Intelligence Taskforce.
Fourth Doctor
From old series of Doctor the Fourth Doctor is the best knowing incarnation. He wore a hat and long colorful scarf. 4th Doctor was funny f.e. he offered people jellys saying ' Have a jelly baby?'This role was playing by Tom Baker.
Fifth Doctor
Sixth Doctor
Seventh Doctor
Eight Doctor
The War Doctor
Fifth Doctor was playing by Peter Davidson in years 1981-1984. His Doctor looked very young and he was very empathic. He wore a stick of celery on his left lapel for his allergy to gases in the praxis range of the spectrum. If any were near, the celery would turn purple and he would eat it.
Sixth Doctor was playing by Collin Baker. His character was more temperament and daunting than fifth. He played Doctor to 1987.
Seventh Doctor was the role of Sylvester McCoy to 1989. He was subtle ans darker than his former versions. He also had a umbrella in form of question mark.
Eight Doctor had only one adventure- in 1996 in Doctor Who Television Film and he was playing by Paul McGann.
The War Doctor was an incarnation of Doctor who was involved in Time War. He never called himself 'the Doctor'. He performed in two episodes and he was playing by John Hurt.
Ninth Doctor
Tenth Doctor
Eleventh Doctor
Twelfth Doctor
Ninth Doctor is basically the first of new series, because adventures with War Doctor were recorded in 2013. That role was playing by Christopher Ecclestone in 2005 in one season. He traveled with one companion Rose, but he was very lonely.
That's my favorite Doctor. Tenth Doctor was friendly,funny and sensitive, he didn't like wars and he loved people. His character was also one of saddest: two of his companions died, one retired him from personal will. He met special persons like Shakespeare, Agatha Christie or Madame Pompadour.
Eleventh Doctor was playing by Matt Smith. That's the youngest incarnation of Doctor: in first season actor was only 27. His seasons was most batty, maybe because in his life appeared different Time Traveller, maybe 'cause time is wibbly wobbly timey wimey ...stuff.
This is actual Doctor ( for April 2015). This is a role of Peter Capaldi- Scottish actor. His Doctor is very different than Matt Smith's: he doesn't care about anybody's word, he is the Doctor with secrets although he has got really beautiful SCOTTISH ACCENT!
Doctors most important gadgets
Sonic Screwdriver
Psychic Paper
Chameleon Arch
Doctors companions from new series
Enemies of the Doctor
Historical places and people in series
TARDIS- Time And Relative Dementions In Space- it's a space ship of the Doctor. It looks like a police phone box, but it's bigger on the inside. No one knows how big it is. TARDIS isn't just ship; that's weird but she ( yes she) has a soul and she can think!
Inside on seasons 5 and 6- Eleventh Doctor
Inside on 1 to 4 season- Ninth and Tenth Doctor
Corridors of TARDIS
Season 7- Eleventh Doctor
Swimming pool on ship
Sonic Screwdriver it's a tool invited by Time Lords. It looks like a small torch. It's usually use as a lockpick, but can be used to perform other operations such as performing medical scans, remotely controlling other devices, tracking alien life and, using red setting or dampers. It doesn't work on wood.
Sonic Screwdriver of
Tenth Doctor.
Sonic Screwdriver of
Eleventh Doctor.
Psychic Paper is a blank, white card that had special properties. When shown to a person, it could usually induce them to see whatever the user wished them to see printed on it.
Chameleon Arch was Time Lord technology which could modify the biology of one species, so the cells registered as another species. In essence, it allowed the user to change their species changes into a human.
Doctor in new series traveled with lot of people, but the most important of their are:
Rose Tyler
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
Amelia Pond
Rory Williams
River Song
Clara Oswald
Rose was a companion of Ninth and Tenth Doctor and she performed on season 1 'n 2. She was aexpedient in clothes shop in London and she lived in a flat with her mom.. She was put on alternative world in the end of second season. This role was playing by Billie Piper.
Martha Jones was a british physician, who traveled with 10th Doctor in thrid season. Basically she practiced to be a doctor when she met the Doctor. Martha decided to stop traveled with Doctor and mind family and work.
Donna Noble was a companion of Tenth Doctor. She was very contentious and she wasn't scared to say to the Doctor what she think. Donna Noble was a role of Catherine Tate.
Amy was the first companion of 11th Doctor. She first met him when she was 7. Doctor disturbed the crack in wall in Amy's house ( it wasn't ordinary crack but one of cracks in universe). He promised her to come back in 5 minutes , but accidentally arrives twelve years later, by which time Amy has become skeptical about "Raggedy Man".
Rory Williams was a fiance of Amy Pond and a companion of 11th. He also was a nurse in hospital. That was role of Arthur Darvill.
River Song was a daughter of Amy and Rory. She was a human with DNA of Time Lords 'cause she was conceived on TARDIS. She can regenerate and she is a Time Traveler. Doctor and River meet themselves in different order so in terms of Doctor from episode to episode he knows more than she.
Weeping Angels
The Master
My Favorite 10 Episodes of new Doctor Who
10. THE Waters of mars.
The Empty Child the doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, BLINK, Silence in th Library- Forest of the Dead, Vincent and the Doctor, The Impossible Astronaut- A Day of the Moon, The Rings of Akhaten The Bells of St John, The Water of Mars, The Eleventh Hour.
1 TGiTF 2BLINK 3TBoS 4 TRoA 5 Listen 6 TECtDD 7 SitLFotD 8 VatD 9 TEH 10 TWoM
This is special episode of fourth season with David Tennant. Here Doctor travels alone and he landed on Mars near human colony. But this day this base was destroyed. And Doctor wants to change a fixed point in time ( but you can't change a fixed points).
9. The eleventh HOur
That's first episode with Matt Smith as the Doctor. In this story he meets Amy and Rory, fights with universe police Atraxi and he looks for his new regeneration- it's great episode to start a journey with DW!
vINCENt and the doctor
Another episode with 11th Doctor. This time, he and Amy meet very famous painter- Vincent van Gogh. They have to find invisible monster, which, fortunately, Vincent can see.
Silence in the library/Forest of the dead
Clara is the companion of 11th and 12th Doctor. In fact, she was an ordinary 21st Century girl but the Doctor met her once in the future and once in the 19th Century. Well, they weren't quite real Claras. Well, just watch- don't ask
The oldest Doctor's enemies. They are aliens from planet Skaro and they hate every race that is not Dalek.
A new version of humans. Yes. Humans but without feelings. Or love. Yeah..
The most scary aliens- when you look at them they are just statues but when you don't look they move. Closer and closer you. And then they send you back in time before you were born.
Now. Silence. When you look at them you remember them, but when you don't- what I was talking about?
He is a Time Lord. But a bad Time Lord.
The Doctor and Donna land in the library. Big library. But there's nobody, well, only the expedition with a women who says she knows the Doctor- River Song
The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances
Chasing a metallic object through the Time Vortex, the Ninth Doctor and Rose arrive in London during the Blitz. While Rose meets the Time Agent responsible for bringing the object, the Doctor finds a group of children terrorised by an empty child wearing a gas mask.
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