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Katie Brisk

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Mexico

Photo Gallery

Facts about Mexico
more facts about Mexico
Mexico's Major Cities are Guadalajara,Monterrey,Puebla, Leon,Tijuana,Mexicali, and

The People of Mexico
The Attitudes of Mexicans are warm,
welcoming, and friendly
Greetings and Gestures from
Mexican will shake your hand
or give a slight bow when introduced
and you have to bow when greeting
Mexican women shake their
hand only if she extends her hand

Some more facts about the People of Mexico
Mexican Courtesies:
keep your hand visible when eating
when you are finish eating place your knife and fork across your plate
do not sit down until you are told to
do not start eating your meal until the hostess starts
only men give toasts
it is a polite thing to leave some food on the plate after the meal

Mexicans are considered straight forward people. When visiting friends it is polite to bring a gift for the hostess such as flowers or sweets. However, do not bring marigolds or red flowers because they symbolize death or other negative connotation. When recieving a gift it is polite to react enthusiastically.

Some more facts about the People of Mexico
The Daily Life of a Mexican Student
Every morning the students of Mexico do their chores such as, cleaning their roooms and preparing breakfast. At 8:00AM they eat their breakfast which usually is huevos (eggs) or frijoles con arroz ( beans and rice), with tea. Then they walk to school where they always sing the first verse of Himno Nacional Mexicano ( Mexican National Anthem) because it is a very long song.
The Daily Life of a Mexican Student
Their school usually starts at 9:00AM with
reading, writing, and narratives. After 3 hours of that , they will have break time. They usually play juegos (games) outside on the slide, swings, or monkey bars. They really like to play volibol (volleyball). At 12:30, they go back inside to finish up their morning assignments and art projects. After all of that they begin la tarea ( the homework). They usually have a hour and a half of school work a night. Usually when they get home from school, they eat lunch which is at 3:00PM. At 7:00 or 8:00 PM they have dinner. Then they go to bed around 9:00PM.
The Daily Life of a Parent
Parents wake up in the morning and start to make breakfast such as huevos (eggs) or frijoles con arrz (beans and rice), with tea. They say their goodbyes to the kids and wish them the best of luck at school. Then they start their chores for the day. They hand wash their clothes and hang them up to dry. Then they start to hand wash the dishes, sweep the floor, feed the animals on the farm, and tend the sheep. When they are about done wuth their chores the kids are coming back from school. Next they will make lunch and help with any homework the kids have. Then they make a small dinner before puting the kids to sleep.
The Weather in Mexico
The weather in Mexico is pretty warm, in winter it varies in the range of 60° to about 75°.
Where as, here, in Wisconsin the temperature in
winter ranges from 0° to about 40°. If I went to
Mexico I would pack my summer clothes.
Famous Mexican Folktales
The Bear-Prince
Once upon a time there was a very poor woodcutter who had three beautiful daughters. Of the three girls, the youngest was the most beautiful. One day the woodcutter went into the forest and was chopping down an oak tree when a very large and horrible bear wrenched the axe from his hands...
The Gypsy Queen
There was a king who had one son. When the prince reached a marrigeble age, he told his parents, I want to marry the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Therefore, I am going to journey all over the world until I find her...

Mexican Family Roles
The mother is the heart of the family, she
cooks, cleans and cares for the children.
Fathers take charge of family decisions.
Brothers are expected to defend the honor of
their sisters. Both verbaly and pyhsically.
Sisters are to follow in their mothers
Mexican Marriage/Dating Traditions
Mexico is known for their romance. There are a lot of perfect locations to get married
(beaches).The bride may wear a mantilla veil, or a slim dress with a bolero jacket, or even a Flamenco style dress with ruffles at the hem. Instead of carring flowers they
carry fans. The groom may choose to wear a matadorian outfit (bolero jacket with tight fitting pants) or a mexican wedding shirt with drawstring pants. Many mexican weddings reflect their native heritage. Some traditional foods at a wedding include: spicy rice, beans,tortilla dishes using chicken and beef and sangria. Sangria is a cold drink made from red or white wine mixed with brandy, sugar,fruit juice, and soda water. The music constists of trumpets, drums,guitars,harps, and violins. The men who play those instruments wear black suits and pants with silver lace. They also
dress in white.

Mexico's Leader is
Enrique Pena Nieto
Population is 122.3
Million people
Capitol is Mexico City
Official Language
is Spanish
Area is 761,000 Square Feet
Mexican Food

-eggs with
- coffee
-sweet bread
Some diseases in Mexico are hepatitis A, hepatitis C and typhoid fever. Typhoid fever is a bacterial disease that spreads through food or water. You can get vioently sick from the water because it is polluted.
Federal Republic Gov.
In mexico there is no official religion.
89% of Mexicans practice Roman Catholicism
6% are proestants and the other 5% practice unknown Religion.
womans wedding dress
mans wedding outfit
Sweet Bread
Mexico DF
The People of Mexico
Mexican Breakfast
Mexican Folktale
Mexican Landmark
Mexican Religion
Mexicans Sick
Mexico Beach




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